For example:


     Logic is the ethics of language.
     Logic perfectly certain because logic is a directly observable
description of IS and IS NOT via the perfect certainty facility of
consciousness observing its own existence, and the existence of its
color forms.

     Thus to be illogical is to lie about the directly perceived
truths of IS and IS NOT that are available through our consciousness
of these qualities in ourselves and our experiences.

     If you say "All dogs are animals, and Joey is an animal, but Joey
is not a dog", what have you said?

     Logic means:

     IS is IS.             IS means IS.
     IS is not IS NOT.     IS does not mean IS NOT.
     IS NOT is IS NOT.     IS NOT means IS NOT.
     IS NOT is not IS.     IS NOT does not mean IS.

     Bi valued logic means:

     A is A.
     A is not not A.
     Its not the case that A and not A.
     It is always the case that A or not A.

     Any use of the word IS and all of its derivatives, is a use and
assertion of the validity of bi valued logic.

     In particular something can not BE RED, with out BEING first.
     In the end trying to assert that bi valued logic *IS* anything
other than perfect, complete and valid, is using bi valued logic to
disparage it.  Thus one ends one up in Godel jail.

     Sometimes it may seem like something both is and isn't at the
same time, as with the two slit experiment.  But when someone starts
to say things like "Well it both is and it isn't", you know they don't
know what they are talking about.

     It is granted that somethings may be ineffable or need to wait
for our grasp to improve.  Better to admit that than to abuse the
language and pretend one knows what one is talking about when one
     There are areas of bi valued logic that are undecidable, but this
does not affect the perfection, completeness or validity of the areas
that are decidable.
     No decidable proposition will ever depend for its truth value on
an undecidable one, thus undecidable propositions are not relevant to
the decidabilities of existence.

     People who engage in self asserting, self denying or self
querying statements as if they have any meaning end up in Godel jail.
     Godel jails are philosophical, meta-lingual, black holes from
which few minds ever, apparently, return.

     It is quite acceptable for a machine to be uncertain that it is
uncertain because a machine can't be certain of anything, including
its own uncertainty.
     For a conscious unit however, being uncertain that it is
uncertain of something is actually a form of mental dysfunction as a
conscious unit can be certain of it uncertainty and certain of its
     Personal integrity starts with certainty of uncertainty, and
continues from there to certainty of certainty.

     Cogito Ergo Sum.
     "I doubt I am, therefore I am, for a nothing could not wonder
whether or not it was a something or a nothing." -Descartes
     Uncertainty exists.  To doubt this is to prove it.

     Certainty of doubt -> Certainty of Existence -> Certainty of
     Notice perfect certainties can not be wrong because they are
continuously reverifiable.  Reverifiability is a necessary component
of a perfect certainty.

     Uncertainty of uncertainty and uncertainty of certainty is a form
of mind broke.
     So if you have the following conversation with someone:

     You: Are you certain of anything?
    Them: No.
     You: Are you certain of that?
    Them: No.

     then you have run into either a machine or a conscious unit
pretending to be a machine.

    Homer Wilson Smith