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Tompkins County Dog Owners Group is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the expansion of recreational opportunities for dogs and their owners and to developing a dog-friendly environment in Ithaca New York and throughout Tompkins County.

TCDOG's Goals:

  1. To facilitate communication among dog owners, the public, and government about mutual concerns and issues regarding dogs.
  2. To increase positive interaction among people and dogs and to facilitate healthy dog socialization through the creation of off-leash dog parks.
  3. To promote responsible dog ownership, sanitation, and optimal dog health by encouraging: dog waste cleanup; dog obedience training; and dog vaccinations, altering, and exercise.
  4. To promote off-leash dog parks as alternatives to excessive use of sensitive natural areas.


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WHAT does that mean?
  1. ONLY the provided compostable “BioBags” can be used for dog poop disposal (dispensers are located inside the park at 5 different locations)
  2. The provided BioBags are compostable. Many other bags designated "degradable" or "biodegradable" are not compostable and can't be used
  3. DEPOSIT BioBags + Poop in the BLUE BINS located by the two main gates– Absolutely NO TRASH in the BINS.
  4. IF you use your own bags for poop, you MUST carry them out
  5. We will provide a Trash can for regular trash such as paper, etc, but NO POOP …PLEASE
  6. Composting is EXPENSIVE: The BIObags cost us 7 cents each so please don’t take more than you need.

  7. THANKS for doing your part for the ENVIRONMENT

Small Dog Park a reality thanks to many volunteers

Tompkins County Dog Owners Group wishes to thank the many volunteers who showed up on Sunday, April 19 to construct the new AREA for SMALL DOGS at the TREMAN MARINA Off-Leash Dog Park. Not only were we blessed with wonderful weather but we received many generous donations which were very much appreciated since the dog park is completely supported by private funds.The new area is for dogs UNDER 25 lbs and those who are old or infirm. It is has a separate entrance on the side facing the Hangar Theater and is completely fenced off from the other section of the main dog park.It has picnic tables, a pool, a mini-gym for dogs and lots of space to run. We hope to be meeting many new little friends in the coming weeks as the weather improves and you can now tell your human companion to "Take me Out to the Dog Park", too.

Join our Group

Dues are only $10 per member per year.

Celebrating the dog park at the Ithaca Festival Parade!

Once again TCDOG is marching in the Ithaca Parade again this year on Thursday, May 28th, 2009.

Celebrate our hard-fought-for dog park and bring your (on-leash) dog(s) !

Two and four legged participants need to be in place on E. Jay St between Cayuga and Utica streets. The parade organizers ask us to be in place by 5:45 but the parade doesn't start until 6:30 and we are no. 70 in the parade so you don't need to be particularly punctual unless you want a nearby place to park or plan on enjoying free hotdogs and lemonade courtesy of the Tabernacle Baptist Church (corner of Cayuga Street and Lincoln Avenue). Please note the unusual orientation of the map if you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. The parade proceeds South (to the left) on Cayuga Street.

In past years we have had a brass band accompanying us and it would be fun to have a small concert band marching in front of the group with " How much is that doggie in the window and Take me out to the dog park( ball game). Any one interested in dusting off your instrument and playing?

We will be marching behind a TCDOG banner and we still need folks to help carry it (with or without dogs).

If you haven't done this before, it is just a fun event and very gratifying to see just how many Ithacans are in favor of the off-leash area!

It's Official

Ten Years in the Making.
Ithaca has a (permanent) Dog Park!

In an historic (at least for Ithaca dogs) agreement, NYS Parks and the City of Ithaca have signed an agreement that serves the best interests of Ithaca residents and their canine companions.

Ithaca Journal 12/24/2008

So Where IS It?

In the front corner of the Allan H Treman State Marine Park.
(Not to be confused wtih Robert Treman State Park!)

Here's a Map to the entrance to the park.
Please note that although this is a State Park, there is NO Entrance or Parking fee at any time of year to use the Dog Park.

DONATE to Maintain the Dog Park

Ever wonder who takes care of the DOG PARK?

Basically, the park is managed by the NY State Park Finger Lakes District but they have minimal funds set aside for the upkeep and maintenance of this park.
Volunteers, mostly other dog owners, are the ones who keep the park clean, take care of the fencing, repair gates and provide poop bags and other necessities.



Want to keep the salt off your car AND support our great dog park? Now's your chance!

TC Dog is taking advantage of a neat offer by Squeaky Clean Car Wash, which has two Ithaca locations and one in Cortland.

Here's how it works:

Each ticket costs you $15.00. You get an initial premium carwash at $2.00 off the regular price of $17.00, PLUS two additional coupons, each worth $5.00 off the regular price of two future premium carwashes. Your total savings are worth $12.00.

Best of all, for each $15.00 ticket you buy, TC Dog receives $5.00.

TO PURCHASE CARWASH TICKETS AND SUPPORT THE DOG PARK: paypal here: CAR WASH or catch Leon or Gay at the Dog Park!

As of 2:30pm on Sunday (May 18th, 2008) when the rain was coming down steadily, there were still a handful of committed volunteers working on tightening the bottom fence wire so as to keep dogs from going under the fence as best we can with the temporary fencing. Several people worked on Sunday from 8:30am for the duration…after doing the same thing on Saturday. Others came out and helped for various parts of the day. Many thanks to all of you!

We have some nice pics of "The Big Fence Move Project." You can see them here at picassa

Please consider how you can help to make new-comers feel welcome and to gently point out to them the requirements of park etiquette…particularly that dogs must be on-leash in the parking lot and that everyone should carry-out their dog waste.

Also, several people have commented that it is important to remember to try to clear the entrance/exit areas as soon as possible when entering and leaving the dog park so as to avoid “pile-ups” of dogs near the gates.

Volunteers moved a couple of picnic tables today to spread them out in the new area so as to provide some seating. If you and a couple of friends would like to move a couple more picnic tables to spots that are lacking them within the dog park, please feel free to do so. State Parks has given us the OK to do so. …ENJOY!

TCDOG has much to be proud of. After years of uphill struggle, a permanent OLA is now here.
To get where we are today, TCDOG has hosted close to 20 public events; scores of TCDOG members have attended Common Council meetings; TCDOG has become a not for profit corporation with the State of New York, a 501c3 whose educational mission passed muster with the IRS; TCDOG raised money for a pilot dog waste composting project; and TCDOG members drove the fence posts for the temporary park.
Support TCDOG today and ensure that a permament OLA remains a pleasant part of life in Ithaca!

Annual membership dues are only $10.

Responding now will save the organization a lot of money in postage, so please renew now!

TCDOG goes "Green"

The City decided to reverse its Carry In / Carry Out policy and would return containers for the dog waste. These would be special containers ONLY for dog waste so that it could be composted.
The City agreed to do this at our request and at our expense.
We needed to raise at least $3,000 to cover the expense of this Pilot project. We did. *

Celebrating the (first) official opening Dec 2, 2006

Here are some pics from the celebration marking the rescinding of the leash law at The Festival Lands on December 2.

By my best guess we had over 100 people and dogs!

DOGs Legally in the Ithaca Festival Lands!

Photos above are courtesy of Jon Reis.

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