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Camping World Showcar This was the 2011 Watkins Glen International Pace Car. While giving the last Pace Car ride of the year, a deer jumped the guard rail and I took evasive action not to hit the deer with the front of the car. I missed the deer, eventhough going at a pretty good clip, but the deer hit the right rear quarter panel and put a huge dent in the car! The deer was fine and got up and ran away! The passenger had a hell of a ride!
Camping World Showcar Watkins Glen International had to have their showcar lettered with the Camping World artwork. All done with vinyl.
zippo This is a 200 mph Prototype race car that raced in the Vintage Series race at Watkins Glen. The unique part of this is, not the lettering, but how it was applied. Buy the time Zippo decided to sponsor the car, it was to late to get the letters cut. I went to the track just as the cars were lining up. It was a 3 hour race with two drivers. We had a plan.....Mike Schuler suggested that during the first pit stop we letter the right side fender. During the second pit stop we letter the left fender. Everyone was watching us! I have never heard of this before! Oh yes......the car won!!! In an interview after the race, Mike said, "this is a new strategy for Zippo, we wait and see who is leading, then we letter the car!"
Stone Bridge Motor Cars Stone Bridge Motors in Elmira, NY supplied this Cobra for use at the Zippo Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. After lettering , I had to use it to give VIP rides at the track for three days..........tough job!
Vickio & Kelly This a beautiful Sprint Car, owned by Tim Kelly and Eddy Vickio. Tim drives this monster! This is Raw Racing!
Roger Asay This beautiful Midget Dirt Sprint Car is owned by Roger Asay of Ithaca, NY. All lettering is vinyl, as is the striping. It comes from Vector Art, and they are my own designs that I did for the Vector Art CD. This is Roger's 2001 car. A feature winner in 2001, he is looking for more checkers!
Victory Circle This is Victory Circle at Watkins Glen International during the Zippo U.S. Vintage Grand Prix.
Bill Macy This is the tail section of a 3/4 Midget owned by Bill Macy of Buffalo, NY & Ken Coates of Ithaca, NY. He likes gold leaf!! This is all hand lettered and gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leak.
pace car This is the 2000 Ford Mustang Pace Car at Watkins Glen. Lots of lettering!!!
pace truck The 1999 Ford Lightning Pace Truck used at Watkins Glen.
rescue truck The 1999 Ford Rescue truck at Watkins Glen. Called Super Boss it lives up to its name!
rescue truck I did this helmet for Gary Stage of Ithaca, NY. He ran dirt track modifieds. One night he had trouble and had to be pushed to the pits. He sat the helmet on the side panel of the car as it was pushed. It started to roll off of the front, he reached for it but was strapped in. It went under the car and was stuck there until the car was back in the pits! Needless to say, it is gone!!!
Amanda Tinker This car is owned by Steve Tinker, owner of T&J Karting in Ithaca, NY. This class of car is called Slingshot. They are small, but FAST! Powered by an alcohol burning, twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine, they can reach speeds of 80mph on a dirt track!. The car will be driven by Amanda, Steve's 15 year old daughter.


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