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Vickio Signs This style sign was porduced for the Lockwood Sign Group in Charlotte, NC. I made 16 of them with a company logo on the glass. The sign unique as the glass is edge lighted. The glass is 1/4" plate with polished edges, measures 24" x 16". The top and bottom Cherry Wood frames are screwed to the wall. (The wood frames were produced by Robert Hansen Woodworking in Hector, NY.) The electric cords are run through the wall so they are not visible. The glass is installed and the front cover (Cherry Wood ) is put on. The artwork, in this case is my own, sandblasred into the backside of the glass. When the lights are turned on, it gives very profound appearance. Photos do not do justice.
Old World Cafe Old World Cafe in Corning, NY was in need of a window to be lettered. They had the atrwork designed, but it did not fit the atmosphere of the Ice Cream shop. I did not get the job, but I decide to do this design anyway! Whish I could have done this on the glass in Gold Leaf.
McWilliams This sign hangs on the wall in Mike McWilliams office at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. It is a Glue Chipped sign. Animal hide glue is applied to the etched areas that you want the glass to be removed. As the glue dries, it shrinks. This breaks pieces of glass from the background, giving a unique effect. The lettering is a handpicked. The name is gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf.
The Shop This sign is all computer generated vinyl. It done in reverse on the inside of the glass. It is located at the Watkins Glen International souvenir shop in Watkins Glen, NY.
Chipped glass This 12" x 30" piece of glue chipped glass was the top of a piece of glass 30" x 67" high. This all that is left, I broke it! It was to be the back panel of my Hand Carved Mahogany pool stick rack! It is gilded with Silver, 23 karat Gold and Variegated gold (a combination of gold and copper). The ornament is hand painted.
Beth Vickio This 12" x 12"piece of glue chipped glass was made for my daughter, Beth. She is at West Virginia University . All glue chipped with Silver, 23 Karat Gold and Variegated Gold. Picture does no do justice!
Harley Davidson This 12" x 12"piece of glue chipped glass was made for a display in my shop. It has the Harley log. Glue chipped, painted logo and gilded with 23 karat Gold leaf. Photos do not show the true beauty.


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