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Randy-Harley I made this piece for a good friend of mine, Randy Nilson, as a "thank you" for all the help he has given me when I need some help with painting projects. It is approx. 15" x 12" Mahogany. Carved with stained letters and an oil finish.
Seneca Lake Wine Trail Carved from a piece of 1.25" thick Mahogany, this sign measures 24" wide x 34" high. It is located int he Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce building in Watkins Glen.
Village Bakery This is at the Village Bakery in Montour Falls, NY. It is 44" wide x 34" high. It is made of 3/4" solid PVC. Carved & painted.
Dry Valley Social Club I made this sign for the prestigious Dry Valley Social Club at the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama. The main panel is 1" thick Mahogany, 26" x 13", with logo & ribbon panels attached. The frame is 4" x 4" wood with "feet" & hanging bracket cut from 1" thick black plastic. The Dry Valley Social Club was formed in 2008 and meets twice a year (the Wednesday before each NASCAR race). Membership to this club is by membership vote only and to be inducted into the Dry Valley Social Club in 2010 was an honor! My good friend Mike McWilliams, Vice President of Talladega Superspeedway, is shaking my hand at the induction ceremonies (along with a sip of good, old Alabama moonshine known as "Apple Pie"). My two good friends who were with me on this trip , Jack Eckert & "Gordy" Dennis were also inducted in as Associate members!
Ed This sign is made from 2" thick Mahogany. It is 31" wide x 34" high. Sign was carved on my Router, then the trees were hand carved to get the right look. This sign was shipped to Connecticut.
Country Lanes 'N Rhodes This sign is in Sayre, PA.It is 32" x 22" double sided hanging sign. Main panel is 3/4" MDO sign board. 1/2" Solid PVC panels are carved and painted and attached to main panel.
Casa Made this out of a piece of Black Walnut. This was a unique item!
Casa Standing Stone Vineyards in Hector, NY needed a new sign when a truck demolished their old sign! This is a unique Post & Beam sign. The 12" square Locust posts & beams were done by Maria Klemperer-Johnson who owns Double Dog Timberworks in Trumansburg, NY. I worked with my friend, Vince Chicone who owns Chicone Cabinetworks in Montour Falls, NY. on gluing the solid, 3" thick Red Wood panels & carving them for as the wouldn't fit in my CNC router. This was a big project and it took many hands to complete. It turned out fantastic!
Casa This sign is at the Beekman House Bed & Breakfast in Dundee, NY. The sign is constructed of a main panel of 3/4" MDO signboard. Two carved, solid PVC panels are attached to it.
Casa This beautiful cottage sign is on Seneca Lake at Pat & Tom Seem's place. Approx. 2 ft. square. Panel is High Density Urethane, carved & Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf. Lighthouse is carved from a block of Urethane.
Casa This is a "test" piece I carved for Seneca Lodge in Watkins Glen, NY. It is 10" wide x 26" long x 1" thick Mahogany. Lots of detail.
Casa This is a house sign (31" high x 24" wide) for the Walsh in Hector, NY. It is 1.5" thick High Density Urethane. Carved on a CNC Router the sign was painted with Automotive Urethane Enamel. Lettering & outline was gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf. Will have photo when sign is installed.

Casa This is a house sign for the Tuttle Family in Watkins Glen, NY.It is solid 3/4" thick PVC. Lettering & trees are painted.
Hazlitt's Red Cat Cellars This is a carved & Gilded Office sign for the new Hazlitt's Red Cat Cellars in Naples, NY. It was formerly Widmer Vineyards. Sign is High Density Urethane with an MDO center panel (two sided sign). The road sign is constructed the same except it is larger (4' x 7'). The side posts and finials are also HD Urethame.
Badger Path This is a carved & Gilded house sign for Carl Hayden, Elmira, NY.
Review Express The Review & Express has moved into a new office at 607 N.Franklin St. in Watkins Glen. NY. This carved High Density Urethane sign is hanging from a metal sign bracket which will allow the sign to swing in the wind.
John C.T. Hayes This sign was carved on my CNC Router from solid 1/2" PVC. After painting it was Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf. The sign is located at the Law Office of John C.T. Hayes in Odessa, NY.
Anylea's Vineyards Anyela's Vineyards & Estate Winery is located in Skaneateles, NY. This is the top of the line when it comes to signs! The posts are (very rare) 6" x 8" solid Redwood! I hand -hewned the posts using a hundred year ols dry-bar. The entire sign structure including the sign panel is Redwood. The older this sign gets, the better it will look! The boards were planed and jointed at Hanson's Woodworking in Hector, NY. The boards (for the sign panel) were then glued and clamped at my shop. The glued-up panel was then taken to Chicone Cabinet Makers in Montour Falls, NY where it was sanded on their large sander. After the sign was cut to shape and carved, the panel went BMS Manufacturing where "Richie" hand crafted a 1" wide brass retaining ring. All of the carved lettering was the hand painted with "Sizing" (an oil mixture that dries to a tack after 24 hours). Then the 23 Karat Gold Leaf was applied. The sign was installed and it is beautiful as is the winery! When in the area visit Anyela's Winery.
Goodrich Park Tis is the new sign for GOODRICH Park at the Watkins Glen Elementary School. The posts are Pressure Treated 4x4 wood covered with PVC covers. The back panel is 3/4" MDO signboard. The sign panel is 1" PVC which was carved on my CNC Router. It was painted and the main copy and cove border was Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf.
New Dimensions New Dimensions is located in Elmira, NY. The backboard is 3/4" MDO Signboard. The letters are cut from 1" High Density Urethane and Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf. The posts are Yellow pine.
Coley's Pub This Mahogany/Gold Leaf sign was made for Tim Coleman's "special" room at his home!
Finger Lakes Oral Surgery The backboard of this sign is 3/4" MDO sign board. The letters are cut and beveled from 1" High Density Urethane. They are painted and then Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf. The posts are Yellow pine. The sailboat & street number are carved & painted. The name board is carved and Gilded. The sign is in Ithaca, NY.
Vickio Signs I made this case for my Model 94 Winchester 30/30 Rifle. It was manufactured in 1969. It is in a case because it has never had a shell in it! I would love to shoot it but I can't bring myself to do it! The back board is Mahogany which was carved on my new CNC Router. The glass was removed for the photo to prevent glare.
Hazlitt Winery This new Hazlitt Winery sign started with a 4' x 5' x 1.5" thick TEAK laminated panel. It will not have any finish as we want the "weathered look as the Teak will hold up in the weather for years and years. The blank shape was cut and the eadges were routered to the Cove shape. This was the end of the use of Power Tools! From here on it was chisels only! I carved the sign with a "rough" gouged look. This will add to the effect of the 23 Karat Gold leaf as it reflects the sunlight. The yellow in the letters is the "sizing" that is hand painted in the letters that will adhear the 23 Karat Gold sheets to the letters. Larry Orr did the handpainting of the Hazlitt logo on an Aluminum sheet that was attached to the sign.
Finger Lakes Endodontics Kathryn Karpinski of Finger Lakes Endodontics opened her new office in Elmira, NY and requested a new sign be designed. This is the finished product. The sign is 48" x 32" with a main panel of 3/4" MDO. The lettering, name boards and the tooth are all carved High Density Urethane. Finger Lakes Endodontics is gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf as are the ornaments on the posts.
Karen Farr Karen Farr, from New Jersey, commissioned this Hand Carved Mahogany sign for her cottage in the Adirondack Mountains. It is 28" wide x 26" high and is a double sided sign. It will look great in the pines!
rooster Redwood sign for the Crooked Rooster Pub in Watkins Glen, NY. 2" thick redwood is hand carved and gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf lettering. Ribbon and rooster are carved from High Density Urethane and painted with enamels. The Red Wood was not finished with any coating and the metal bracket around the top of the sign was not painted so it could rust. The older it gets, the better it looks!
Castle Grisch Sign is 3/4" MDO signboard. The grape cluster is carved from High Density Urethane and painted with enamels. The sign is in Reading Center, NY.
Sheep This is "Molly". The sheep is the mascot for a farm animal shelter. It is carved from a piece of mahogany. The finish is Linseed oil.
Sheep I carved this Chickadee (Harriett's favorite bird) from a piece of Black Walnut that was given to me by her father. Really, it is a chickadee!
gables Sign is completely made of High Density Urethane. Combination of cutting and carving gives a unique appearance. Located on 4th Street in Watkins Glen, NY.
snowbilt This sign uses a combination of routering and hand carving. Snow is Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf.
leaf This sign is made from 3" thick Redwood boards from an old wine vat. The background is sandblasted. The Chateau logo is made from layered High Density Urethane. It is hand carved and painted with enamels. It is a large sign, 10 feet high x 5 feet wide. You can't miss it when traveling on Rt.414 in Hector, NY.
leaf Had a piece of scrap mahogany laying on the floor, and this came out of it. Had a piece of beveled glass and it fit right into the opening in the vines!
leaf This is carved using Mahogany. It was ordered, but the person disappeared! I never finished the Gold Leaf. Anyone out there named Dickerson?
leaf A painted mahogany sign. I hate to paint mahogany, but the High Density Urethane was not available yet. The scales in the center were carved from mahogany and gilded. This was one of my first carved signs.
leaf This Hand Carved mahogany sign ( Gilded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf)is located in Montour Falls, NY. I donated this sign in memory of my father to the Schuyler County Historical Society.
leaf This is carved Mahogany, coated with a two part clear epoxy. It makes a beautiful residence sign. It is in Corning, NY.
leaf High Density Urethane was used on this sign, to replace wood. It is the best material available today. All lettering and ornaments are gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf. It is located on Rt.414 in Hector, NY.
leaf This is a hand carved Mahogany name board on the back of sailboat that is sailing the "high seas". All the lettering is gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf. The Mahogany was sprayed with a two part epoxy clear. The day after I mounted the sign, it was on its way to the Bahamas!
leaf High Density Urethane was used on this sign. It is located in Rochester, NY. All lettering is gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf.
Ziff Law Firm This double sided carved sign is constructed of High Density Urethane and gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf. It is held up with a black iron scroll bracket. This 28" x 48" sign was fabricated for the Ziff Law Firm, located in the Seneca Market Building in Watkins Glen, NY.
Advanced Family Chiropractic Dr. Robert Berry commissioned this beautiful carved and Gilded sign for his office, located on Main Street in Montour Falls, NY. It is 28" high x 72" long, Constructed of High Density Urethane, and Gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf.
Royce-Chedzoy Funeral Home This sign is at the Royce-Chedzoy Funeral Home in Watkins Glen, NY. The main panel, letters and ornaments are High Density Urethane. Gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf, this sign is of the highest quality. The green panel is 3' x 5' long. The total size is 3'-6" x 8'-0" long.
Williams & Williams Photography High Density Urethane was used for this hand carved, gold leaf sign. It is located at Williams & Williams Creative Imaging in Painted Post, NY. Main panel is approx. 36" wide x 18" high.
Burdett Funeral Home This 60" wide, Double Sided sign is located in Burdett, NY. High Density Urethane, Gilded with 23 karat Gold Leaf, this sign was installed in 1996.
Capabilities, Inc. Capabilities, Inc. is located in Elmira, NY. The sign is 48" wide. The main panel is MDO sign board. Capabilities and the bricks are cut from 3/4" thick High Density Urethane. The beveled edges on the letters add to the dimensional effect of the sign.
Murphy's Wood House Tavern Corning, NY is the location of this Hand Carved, Urethane sign. The ribbon was a challenge to carve, but that is what makes the sign business fun!
Rock Stream Vineyards Rock Stream Vineyards, located on Rt. 14 in Rock Stream, NY, ordered this, beautiful, carved and Gilded (23 Karat Gold Leaf) sign. The first photo shows the MDO core being glued to the High Density Urethane Panels. My daughter, Beth, is helping me attahch the Gilded letters to the sign panel.
Jerlando's Jerlando's Restaurante sign, in Watkins Glen, is Hand Carved from 18# High Density Urethane. The letter carvining was not that hard, but the Grape Leaves were a challenge!


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