Julie the Greyhound Dog


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This is me in my car. I ride in the back.
Hi there.  I'm Julie, the greyhound dog. I was born on April 1, 1989.  In my early years, I raced in Keene, NH, and back then my name was "Peppy".  It was a stark and bourgeois existence, and I admit my track record was less than stellar.  In 1992 I was retired (officially due to my lack of "peppiness" :) and I was adopted in September 1992 by Stanton.
Stanton had no experience whatsoever as a dog owner, but I had no experience whatsoever as being a pet dog, so in our own way it worked out quite well.  He had a big empty house, a comfy dog bed in the master bedroom, and he liked me right away.  So I incorporated him into my pack and let him think of himself as "I am Alpha!", (a term he kept repeating, don't ask me why).

Stanton took me to work every day (and still does).  I learned all kinds of neat new things like how to walk up staircases, how not to steal donuts from coworkers when they are watching, how to bark (I mean "speak"), how to walk on leash, how to author web pages.  You know, all that stuff that normal dogs take for granted.

Did I mention Adrienne?  She's great.  I love her a lot, even if she has a couple of these.

Anyway,  click here for some pictures of me.  Most of the pictures are thumbnails that you can click on.  I hope you consider adopting a greyhound.  We make greyt[sic] pets.  I have an email address, so you can write to me.  Or visit Adrienne.  Email Stanton but please don't send him spam.  He doesn't like spam for some reason, so send all of your cans directly to me. julie091499.jpg (404357 bytes)


Click here to get a really  big picture of me.

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