Petition to the Oregon State Bar: Signers By Name

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Important note: Organizations are listed for identification purposes. Unless explicitly marked with 'SPEAKING FOR', signers do not speak for their organizations.

Abigail,, Technical Analyst, FNX Limited, NL

Roger W. Ach III,, HarvardNet, US

David H. Adler,, US

Matthew Ahrens,, Web Solutions, US

Russ Alberry,, US

Tim Albertson,, Lecturer in Information Technology, NZ

Douglas K. Alcorn,, US

Anders Andersson, andersa@N_O_S_P_A_MDoCS.UU.SE, System Manager, Uppsala University, SE

Roberth Andersson,, Jump-Gate, SE

Chris Andrichak,, US

Eric Arnold,, US

Greg Bacon,, Senior Data Technician/Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computer Sciences Corporation/Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Ala. in Huntsville, US

Ramesh Balasubramanian,, Software Engineer, Quantum Technologies Inc, US

Michael A. Beaty,, US

C. Rand Bell,, Consultant, Oracle Corporation, US

Devin Ben-Hur,, US

Eric Bergeron,, Northeastern Uni. CER, US

Don Blaheta,, US

Rich Bowen,,, US

Brian Bowles,, Illuminati Online, US

Christie D. Bradley,, Technical Writer, US

Matthias Bruestle,, DE

Stephan Vladimir Bugaj,, MTS-I, Lucent/Bell Labs, US

Richard Lunson Bullington III,, US

Michael H. Burkhardt,, Principal Partner, Mazama Consulting, Inc., US

Frank Canapa,, US

Jonathan Care,, Unix & Networking Consultant, UK

Andrew Carey, careya@N_O_S_P_A_MPEAK.ORG, Systems Administrator, Oregon State University, US

Douglas P.A. Carmichael,, Student, US

Joseph Christie,, US

Brian Clark,, Research Assistant, Computer Science Dept. of University of New Mexico, US

James H. Cloos, Jr.,, Engineer, IOCOM, Ltd., US

Billy Coleman,, US

Adrian Colley,, Application Building Blocks, IE

Steve Coltrin,, US

Fred Condo, Ph.D.,, CEO, Lightside, Inc., US

John Congson,, US

David M. Cook,, US

Brian Court,, US

Charles DeRykus,, US

Wolfgang Denk,, Software Engineer, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany, DE

Carl R. Dichter,, Sr. Systems Engineer;. Also a writer for various pubs., Intel Corporation, US

Thomas E. Dinger,, Consultant, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, US

Chris Dolan,, US

Manish Doshi,, TAOS Mountain, IN

Bernd G. Dulfer,, ID: programmer, DE

Frossie Economou,, UK Infrared Telescope Software Group, JAC, Hawaii, US

Johan Edström,, Webmaster / Hostmaster, SE

Scott K. Ellis,, Systems Administrator, US

Thomas E. Enebo,, Systems Engineer, US

John Erjavec V,, Owner, JEV Enterprises, US

Amy Farrell,, US

Alan Fernandez,, US

Rick Fernandez,, Ball Janik LLP, US

Armando Fox,, Univ. of California at Berkeley; formerly of Intel Corp, Hillsboro OR, US

Stuart Frankel,, US

Eirik Fuller,, US

David R. Gavin,, Principle Network Software Engineer, US

Ken Gilmore,, Dynamics Research Corporation, US

Thilo-Alexander Ginkel,, Software Developer, TG Byte Software, DE

Eleftherios Gkioulekas,, US

Jay Thomas Glascoe,, US

Karl Glazebrook,, Staff Astronomer, Anglo-Australian Observatory, AU

Dave Goldman,, President, SPEAKING FOR Research Software Design, US

Mark Thomas Gordon,, US

Paul Gordon,, Systems Administrator, TROY Systems, US

William Greene,, Director of Internet Marketing, Grizzard Direct Marketing, US

Christopher Greenup,, CGI Programmer, Gibson Guitar Corporation, US

L. Adrian Griffis,, Principal System Programmer, DST Systems Inc., US

Dr. Geoffrey D. Guttmann,, Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan, CA

Joseph N. Hall,, Proprietor, 5 Sigma Productions, Chandler AZ, US

William B. Harris,, US

Chris Hartley,, US

Nathanial P Hendler,, US

Eric D. Hendrickson,, University of Minnesota School of Medicine, US

Walter Henry,, US

Christopher Hilton,, US

Mike Hitchcock,, Network Manager, Universal Algorithms, US

David Holland,, Cambridge University, UK, UK

E. Holmes,, CEO, Infinity (science supplies), US

David Hopwood,, SPEAKING FOR David Hopwood Network Security, UK

Dean F. Hougen,, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota, US

Graham Hughes,, University of California, Santa Barbara, US

Nils Hulth,, SE

Scott K. Hutton,, Indiana University, US

Dean Inada,, US

Roy Johnson,, Contract Programmer, BLUware, Inc., US

Ward Kaatz,, US

Jonathan Kamens,, US

Paul Kanz,, US

Simon Karpen,, Student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

Jeffrey Kegler,, President, SPEAKING FOR Algorists, Inc., US

Rashid Khan,, Tufts University, US

Tim King,, JT Software Enterprises, US

Timothy N. Kirk,, US

Per Kistler,, Unix Systems Administrator (guest), ETH, CH

Arve Kjoelen,, Systems Administrator, EE Dept., Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, US

Randal C. Klenk,, US

Mike Klimesh,, US

Jim Kresse,, Proprietor, JKJ Associates, US

Kenneth Kron,, Information Security Consultant, US

Thomas König,, DE

Daniel J LaRoe,, Analyst/Programmer, University of Alaska Fairbanks, US

Larry Lade,, US

Rick Lahrson,, SPEAKING FOR Superior Software Services, Inc., US

Emery W. Lapinski,, US

Jonas Larsson,, PhD, Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology, SE

Jason M. Laughman,, Lucent Technologies, Columbus, OH, US

James E. Leiwneber,, Managment Information Specialist, Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene, US

Marshall Levin,, US

Robert S. Liesenfeld,, Programmer, Bitstream Underground, US

Sara Linde,, technical support engineer, US

Robert Link,, Indiana University Department of Astronomy, US

Jim Lippard,, Director of Internet Security Operations, GlobalCenter/Primenet Internet Network, US

Justin C. Lloyd,, Teaching Assistant, Florida State University, Dept. of Computer Science, US

Kenneth W. Loafman,, Owner, Loafman Software, US

Denis Long,, US

Steve Lumos,, Senior in Computer Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US

Kevin E. Luster,, MTS, Silicon Graphics, US

Sonia Lyris,, US

John Macdonald,, CA

Michael C. Machnik,, Software Engineer, US

Deb Marks,, Consultant - Systems Administrator, US

James Marshall,, CEO, Marshall Consulting, US

Brett Mason,, US

Nelson Maxwell,, The Perl Institute, US

Robert L. McClure, Jr.,, Software Engineer, Bobcat Software, US

Steven McDougall,, US

Ken McGlothlen,, US

Thomas McHugh,, Spectrum Office Systems, Inc., US

David McNett,, MIS/DP, Hatchett & Fagan Direct, Inc., US

Daniel McQueen,, US

Nathan Mcfarland,, Analyst, MD Technology, US

Colin Melville,, Consultant, US

Marc Walker Mengel,, Fermilab Unix Application Support Group, US

Scott Merrill,, Programmer, Ice-Ware Inc., CA

Tom Metro,, Owner, Venture Logic, US

James Miller,, Intl. Affairs Director, Hashimoto Kakubundo, JP


Dr. David Mitchell,, Systems Manager, Computer Science Dept., Sheffield University, UK

Collin Monahan,, US

Aaron Kent Moore,, System Administrator, US

Tom Moore,, Information Technology, US

Jay E. Morris,, Epsilon 3 Productions, US

Jacob Morrison,, Control Data, US

Hans Mulder,, NL

Michael Nelson,, Technical Support Engineer, Silicon Graphics, US

Tim Nelson,, Computer Science Student, AU

Joe Niederberger,, US

Tobias J. Nijweide,, System Administrator, NL

Salve Joshua Nilsen,, Student, NO

George R. O'Connor,, Hewlett-Packard Company, Boise, Idaho, US

Alan Olsen,, US

D. Lawrence Olstad,, US

Diane Oman,, Senior Systems Administrator, Allen-Bradley Co., US

Jon Orwant,, MIT Media Laboratory, US

Steven Pacenka,, Water Specialist, Cornell University, NYS Water Resources Institute, US

d. Page,, Sysadmin/Web Developer, Omnet Inc., US

Mr Jerry Pank,, Partner, SPEAKING FOR Connected Partnership, UK

Ramie Parker,, Paralegal student In Oregon, US

Tom Parker,, Bitstream Underground, US

Lili Anni Pernille Pedersen,, DK

Charles Peterman,, Computer Engineer, Tufts University, US

Les Peters,, America Online, Inc., US

Michael W Peterson,, Chief System Administrator, FlashNet Communications, US

Lee Anne Phillips,, White Rose Web Works, US

Tom Phoenix,, US

Clinton Pierce,, System Administrator, Decision Consultants Inc., US

John M. Pisello,, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Reserve, US

David AA Poncelow,, US

Martin Pool,, Pharos Business Solutions Pty Ltd, AU

Nathan Poole,, MyDesktop Network, CA

Adam Price,, Graduate Student- Archaeology, US

Steven Pritchard,, President, Southern Illinois Linux Users Group, US

Adam Procter,, US

Stephen Proffitt,, Owner, Graphic Expressions! Software Systems, US

Andrew Rakowski,, Lab Manager, Remote Sensing & GIS Labs, Utah State University, US

Guy J. Ralph Sr.,, SPEAKING FOR Guy's Computers, US

Timothy Ramsey,, UNIX System Administrator, Kansas State University, US

Utsav Ratti,, Student, Stern School of Business, New York University, SG

Patrick L. Reilly,, Gen. Mgr., IsoQuantic Technologies, LLC, US

John Reinitz,, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, US

Joseph Reves,, Information Technology Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Company, US

Leonid Reyzin,, Research Assistant, RSA Data Security, Inc., US

Dan Rich,, Senior Webmaster, Cisco Systems, Inc., US

Douglas Ridgway,, Institute for Nonlinear Science, UC San Diego, US

Christian Ritchie,, Web Programmer, Senior Accounts Technician, US

Jay Rogers,, Software Consultant, US

Helen Trillian Rose,, Systems Administrator, Kapor Enterprises, Inc., US

Peter M. Rule,, Programmer, WSU vetmed, US

Ozzie Sabina,, System Administrator and Graduate Student, Univ. of Florida, US

M. Kumar Sagar,, US

James. G. Schmolze,, Associate Professor, Tufts University, US

Deborah. A. Schwartz,, US

Madeline Sellers,, US

James Sentman,, Internet Systems Specialist, US

Zev Sero,, argenTech Pty Ltd, AU

Lyle Settle,, US

Justin Sheehy,, US

Gregory Shipp,, Development Environment Engineer, Mentor Graphics Corporation, US

Ephraim Silverberg,, Unix System Programmer, Computer Science Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL

Gary Singleton,, US

Lynn Siprelle,, Siprelle & Associates, Portland, OR, US

Jan Sjöberg,, SPEAKING FOR Biocom HB, SE

Carl D. Sorensen,, Professor of Engineering, Brigham Young University, US

John Speno,, US

Mark Steph,, Sr. Systems Programmer, Ericsson, Inc., US

Robin Stephenson,, Electronic Product Development Analyst, Elsevier Science Ltd, UK

John N. Stewart,, Systems Administrator/Senior Developer (Advanced Customer Systems), US

Kevin Sullivan,, Project Specialist, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, US

Mikael Sundfors,, Software Engineer, FI

Michael J. Suzio,, US

David Sward,, Software Engineer, US

Ingerun Syrén,, computer consultant, SE

Lee S Szolusha,, Sys Admin, US

Jari Takkala,, CA

Bart Terryn,, Havlange Bonte, BE

Mark Tetrode,, EDP - COPA COGECA, BE

Robert Thomas,, Vice President, Micro Technologies Inc., US

Ted Timmons,, President, ABComputer Services, US

Michael Turner,, Technical Staff, Taos Mountain, US

Frank 'Trey' Valenta,, Consultant, Jesco Technical Services, US

Donald E. Vick, devick@N_O_S_P_A_MLanier.COM, Senior Software Analyst, Lanier Worldwide, Inc., US

Philip Andrew Voy,, Web & Database Applications Developer, US

Sandra Wambold,, Computer system administrator, US

Andrea Wasson,, Owner, The CyberCat Habitat Internet CoffeeHouse, US

Duncan J. Watson,, Support Manager, Aladdin Knowledge Systems Inc., US

Bill Weinman,, Author / Consultant, US

Edward J. Welsh,, Software Design Engineer, Universal Algorithms Inc., US

Dmitri Wilkinson,, US

Christopher Williams,, Senior System Engineer, Illuminati Online (a Texas-based ISP), US

Jeffrey S.A. Williams,, Network Manager, Catellus Development Corporation, US

Steven Willoughby,, Systems Administrator, Intel Corporation, US

Lawrence A. Wimble,, US

David A. Wolfe,, US

Irving Wolfe,, WOLFE Internet Access, L.L.C, US

Laura Woolger,, Computer Systems Administrator, US

David Wright,, Senior Consultant, UK

Steven Wright,, US

doug rau,, US

Johan A. van Zanten,, Senior Systems Administrator, US