Re: Letter to CERT Re Oregon v. Schwartz

dmi@questrel.com (Dean Inada) writes:

>In article <41bu4b$hpl@ixnews2.ix.netcom.com> rentzk@ix.netcom.com (Kenneth Rentz) writes:
>>You seem to forget that Mr Schwartz's job was NOT to test the security
>>of these systems.  His actions were no diferent than if I were to
>>practice my lock picking skills on various locked doors at my company,
>>just to show how bad the locks are.
>Oh oh, is that a felony too?
>I've done that several times, without explicit authorization, and with the 
>same motive that Randal claims for his actions.

It probably could be a felony, if you got caught and your
company was sufficiently pissed off.  Does the phrase
"Breaking and entering" ring any bells?

Pat Wilson

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