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Disclaimer: It is possible, as I have gathered this material from miscellaneous mailing list messages, news postings, and so forth, that it contains errors of ascertainable fact or ascribes statements to people who never made them. I regret both deeply. Please inform me of any such problems so I may correct them.

This version is almost completely changed from the previous.

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Part 1 of FAQ
Part 2 of FAQ
Part 3 of FAQ
Part 4 of FAQ

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Q1.     What is Oregon v. Schwartz?
Q2.     Why the interest in Oregon v. Schwartz?
Q3.     Who is Randal Schwartz?
Q4.     What was count 1?
Q5.     What was count 2?
Q6.     What was count 3?
Q7.     What abbreviations and terms are used in this FAQ?
Q8.     What were the incidents in this case?
Q9.     What are the sources for this FAQ?
Q10.    What was the Door on Mink Incident?
Q11.    Why leave the 'Door on Mink' running at all?
Q12.    What is in Det. Lilley's report about Door on Mink?
Q13.    What were the implications of the Door on Mink Incident for authorization?
Q14.    What was the Door on Hermes incident?
Q15.    What was the Gate on Mink Incident?
Q16.    What is in Det. Lilley's report about Gate on Mink?
Q17.    What were the disciplinary consequences of Gate and Door on Mink?
Q18.    What was the difference between Gate and Door?
Q19.    Why did Randal move Gate to Brillig?
Q20.    How did Mark discover Randal's crack runs?
Q21.    What is in Det. Lilley's report about Crack on Snoopy?
Q22.    How many Intel passwords did Randal crack?
Q23.    How was gate on brillig discovered?
Q24.    Why and how were the police first brought into this matter?
Q25.    Who told the police Randal was breaking the law?
Q26.    Why did Intel go straight to the police, rather than simply calling Randal and asking him what was up?
Q27.    Did Randal confess?
Q28.    How does Randal explain his confession?
Q29.    Besides Randal, are there others who say they were inaccurately quoted by law enforcement in this matter?
Q30.    What about Randal's hacking fantasies?
Q31.    How does Mark read Randal's confession?
Q32.    Why did the police not tape Randal's confession?
Q33.    Beyond reports of oral confessions, what incriminating emerged from the search?
Q34.    Are there other sources as to what was said at the search?
Q35.    What did Randal do immediately after the search?
Q36.    When was the indictment?
Q37.    Was there no offer of a plea bargain?
Q38.    Who wrote to or petitioned the judge for leniency?
Q39.    What was the sentence?
Q40.    How does Randal's sentence and crime compare with Morris?

Q41.    What is in the Det. Lazenby's police report about Teleport?
Q42.    What happened at Teleport?
Q43.    How was ORA brought into this matter?
Q44.    What is in Det Lazenby's report about ORA?
Q45.    What was ORA's reaction to the ORA incident?
Q46.    What was the Tektronix Incident?
Q47.    What is in Det. Lilley's report about the Tandem Incident?
Q48.    What really happened at Tandem?
Q49.    What do Randal's actions show about intent?
Q50.    Had Randal taken any steps to conceal his actions?
Q51.    Why does Randal say he created the gateway?
Q52.    What is in Det. Lilley's report about Randal's reasons for running gateways?
Q53.    Did Randal intend to use the gateway after the end of his contract?
Q54.    According to the police, what reason did Randal give for running crack?
Q55.    If your intent was benign, Randal, why were you doing so much cracking of password files?
Q56.    Why did Randal delay so long in alerting SSD of its weak passwords?
Q57.    Were Randal's claim of non-malicious intent contested in court?
Q58.    What was Randal's contract with Intel?
Q59.    Was all this authorized or unauthorized?
Q60.    Did Randal have permission to run crack?
Q61.    Did Randal have permission to run the gateway?
Q62.    Did Randal know of Intel's security policy?
Q63.    Whose case is this, Oregon's or Intel's?
Q64.    How important is Intel to Oregon and to Washington County?
Q65.    Even if Randal is guilty, this does not seem like the sort of thing you ordinarily prosecute.  Why did they?
Q66.    Was Intel having security problems?
Q67.    Isn't a felony conviction without harm, intent to harm or malicious intent unusual?
Q68.    What are the implication of such a broadly drafted and interpreted law?
Q69.    Did Randal take a polygraph?
Q70.    What is crack and who should run it?
Q71.    Do sysadmins consider Randal annoying?
Q72.    What was the chronology of events?
Q73.    Who's who in this case?
Q74.    Where can I find more information?
Q75.    How can I help?  And does Randal keep his own version of this story anywhere?
Q76.    What are the guidelines for this FAQ?

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