Lightlink News Finder
Instructions: Type a key word or phrase into the box and click Build List to create a list of news groups that contain your key. You then simply click the one you wish to access.
Multiple keys are separated by a space, these use and logic.
This news access reqiures a browser with news capability (such as Netscape).

Type key

Note: Search is not case sensitive, Alt.News, ALT.NEWS and all yield the same result.

Hints: If you wanted to find all news groups that contained Microsoft you would type microsoft into the box. However if you wanted a listing of operating system groups os would create many false hits, but placing a period in front as .os would eliminate many of them. To further refine the search add a second key, .os unix would list only those entries that contain both .os and unix. A good plan is to start with a short string, then refine to it once you see the result.

Any comments from users would be appreciated.
v 1.0 K. Davis, August 18, 1996