Master Bedwyr Danwyn, OM

Major Areas of Service: Chirurgeon Service; Design, construction, transportation and storage of SCA infrastructure.

Prior Offices Held: AETHELMEARC: Warranted Master Chirurgeon, Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon, Regional Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon; LOCAL: Group Chirurgeon, Deputy Exchequer, Autocrat, Deputy Autocrat, Event Staff, Pennsic Land Agent; PENNSIC CHIRURGEONATE: War Chirurgeon, Deputy War Chirurgeon, Shift Supervisor, Class Co-Ordinator, Statistician, Patient Care, Red Cross Class Instructor; OTHER PENNSIC SERVICE: Security, Troll, Heralds Point, Info Point, A&S Tent, Emergency Notifications, Membership Table.

Area(s) the Master can advise gentles on: Chirurgeon-related service, demos, class presentation and the overengineering of infrastructure, legality of SCA weapons in NY.

Current Group: Dominion of Myrkfaelinn

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