Mistress Aoife Finn, OM

Major Areas of Service: Barony Seneschal; Canton Seneschal; Children's Officers, Children's Activities, and Policy regarding Children on all levels; Service in the Kitchen; Research in hardcopy and on the Internet; Web Publishing of News and Public Interest items.

Prior Offices Held: Founding Seneschal, Barony of Endless Hills; Founding Officer AEthelmearc Chancellor of Youth under various office names; Founder, Endless Hills Cook's Guild. Katja's evil partner in kicking the kingdom cook's guild into existence. Other administrivia stuff over the years (details upon request if people really need to know!).

Area(s) the Mistress can advise gentles on: Founding a new group and bringing it into being, How to be a Peer in a group that's afraid of Peers, Children's Policiy on Local, Kingdom, and Society level, Service in the Kitchen, Fundraising, Research and WEb Publishing, Merchanting in the SCA.

Current Group: Canton of River Rouge, Shire of Endless Hills

Email: mtnlion AT ptd.net

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