Lady Gianna di Aurelio

Scribal Work:

Illumination: Yes. I have tried several different styles, but tend to gravitate to late period Italian and Flemish work. The╩Visconti Hours, Italian White Vine, Flemish Book of Hours, The Black Hours are styles I really enjoy.╩My current favorite is Attavante's work from the Bibliotheca Corviniana. I have also done several scrolls from the Manessa Codex.

Calligraphy: Yes. Manessa Codex, Black Hours,╩and ╩Later period Italian including Visconti,╩White Vine and works from the Corvina Library. Calligraphy: Yes, I can do passable job with Bartarde, Italics and Humanist.

Wordsmithing: Yes, but only when I have to...

Translation: No

Scriptorium(s) associated with: Steltonwald Scribal Guild

Takes Individual assignments as well? Yes

Current Group: Canton of Steltonwald

Email: webminister AT steltonwald dot org

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Teaching: Please feel free to contact her if you would like her to teach any of the following classes:



Web Page: My work can be seen on the Steltonwald Scribal Guild pages at

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