Lady Marija Kotok*

Scribal Work: I have been a scribe for almost a year now so I am still fairly new. I do have a previous art background and that seems to be serving me well. I love to try many different styles and taking classes in new ones! I mainly got involved to help clear backlog and hope that by my contributions will help us keep up with the demand in some small way.


*NOTE: Petr Kotok has taken this picture of Lady Marija

Illumination: Yes

Calligraphy: No

Wordsmithing: No

Translation: No

Scriptorium(s) associated with: Sylvan Glen

Takes Individual assignments as well? Yes

Current Group: Shire of Sylvan Glen (southeastern tip of Aethelmearc)

E-mail**: mamalynx AT

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Teaching: Please feel free to contact her if you would like her to teach any of the following classes:




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