What Rhiannon's camera saw at Ice Dragon '04

Page E-categories 3O to 2P, plus listing of research papers/performances

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Note that Rhi couldn't photo the Performance Categories (no time).

Rhiannon's comments on the competition

Notes to Artists who displayed

1N1 -Venison Pasties-Odriana vander Brugghe
1N2 Roast Duck-Avarga Chaghadai
3N1 Two English Apple Pies-Illadore de Bedegrayne
3N2 Hard Almond Candy-Lavena Knappe
3N3 Wet Sucket -Michelina Cenomani 4N1 Wine Cakes-Odriana vander Brugghe  
No image  
3O1 Soap Castile-Lavena Knappe
3O2 Home made Tallow-Lavena Knappe
3O3 Wet sucket & lemon peel succade-Michelina Cenomani
1P1 Ordinary Beer-Ryan Gortyroyan
2P1 Hoppen Mead -Lyev Davidovich
2P2 Blackberry Wine-Lavena Knappe
2P3 Lemon Ginger Mead - Lavena Knappe
1Q1 Children's handwoven purse- Autumn of Delftwood    
No image    

F.& G. Performance Arts

H. Literary Papers


1F1-Three Dances from France-Lyev Davidovich;

1F2-Storytelling SCA Hero Tale-Myfanwy Gruffued;

1G1-Three Italian 16th C Dance Pieces-Harp-Lyev Davidovich;

1G2- Bransle d'Ecross with quartet-Alheydis von Korckhingen - recorder AND:

Gyles de Blair - guitar;

Maria Adriane - flute

AElfgyfu seo hearpestre - percussion

2G1-Song performance-Boudicca Ravenhair;


1H1-The Tale of Arcite and Palamon-Ednumdo da Monreale

3H1-Bookmarks-Elainora Mathewes

3H2-Pigments-Aerin Teine

3H3-Standard Medieval Spices-Rowan de la Garnison

3H4-Six Principles of Elements Four Measures-Lyev Davidovich

3H5-Bouffons-Lyev Daviodovich

3H6-Research- Knight Bachlor/Banneret-Cynwyl MacDaire

3H7-Tablet weaving structures- theory/history-Phiala O'Ceallaigh

3H8-Possible, Probable, Provable Research-Bridgette MacLean




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