What Rhiannon's camera saw at Ice Dragon '04

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Note that Rhi couldn't photo the Performance Categories (no time).

Rhiannon's comments on the competition

Notes to Artists who displayed

2J1 Bone needles-Cynwyl MacDaire
2J3 The Greenman-Carved Elkhorn-Erwilliam MacFergus
2J4 The Fighand Amulet-Ivory-Erwilliam MacAngus
2J5 Death & Lovers Pendant-Whaletooth-Erwilliam MacFergus    
3J1 Mold for Pewter necklace-Lavena Knappe          
2K1 Viking Glass Bead Necklace-Lavena Knappe
2K2 Champleve-Lavena Knappe
2K3 Champleve on copper-Raven's Feather-Lavena Knappe
IL1 Bottle with personal arms-Lavena Knappe
1L 5 Vellum-Aerin Teine
1L6 Leather pouch w/brass buckle-Bedwyr Danwyn
1M2 Pigments-Aerin Teine
1M3 Scroll-Aerin Teine
1M4 Frame, Hand carved, wood & Gesso-Malcolm Mac Angus

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