What Rhiannon's camera saw at Ice Dragon '04

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Note that Rhi couldn't photo the Performance Categories (no time).

Rhiannon's comments on the competition

Notes to Artists who displayed

2A2 Bayeaux Hanging - Aerin Teine
2A3 Celtic Embroidery on dress-Branwyn ferch Gwythy
1B2 Torsional Ballista bow string


2B2 Viking dress-woven trim-3 pieces-Aerin Teine
2B-3 Purse-hand woven-Aerin Teine
2B4 Brocaded tablet-woven silver/red band-Jeannette de Beauvoir
4B2 Knitted shirt-Cecily
4B3 English woman's wool stockings, 16th cent.-Ynes Garcia
1C2 Viking Dress-Aerin Teine
1C3 14th Cent. dress-Anna of Thescorre
1C4 Purple silk dress/embroidery pre1400-Branwyn ferch Gwythy
2C1 16th C. German gown-Cameron Fitzrory
2C2 15th C. Houpaland-Cameron Fitzroy
3C1 Black Caul w/beads-Alheydis von Korckhingen
3C3 A pouch-Anna of Thescorre
3C4 A circlet and Veil-Anna of Thescorre
3C5 English woman's Stockings-wool-Ynes Garcia
3C6 Truncated Hennin-Ilish O'Donovan

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