Spence Colby, OP

Major Area(s) of Service: Efforts in Archery- running countless roving ranges, classes, and leading various groups of differing sizes (including the Kingdom)- Years of cartooning and artwork.

Prior Offices Held: Kingdom Archery Commander, Principality Deputy Archery Commander, Regional Archery Marshal, Shire Archery Captain and Marshal, Kingdom and Principality Archery Champion, both King and Queen's Archery Champion, Princess Archery Champion, Queen's Guard, Senechal (extinct shire of Dywmmerdale), and Herald (Nithgaard).

Area(s) Peer can advise gentles on: Archery and darn little else...

Current Group: Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais


E-mail: spencecolby AT micro-link.net

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