Baroness Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaomhainaigh, OP

Major Area(s) of Service: Royal Retaining and Coordinating Reigns, Autocratting, long term local service and organizing anything in need! Lots of behind the scenes support work.

Prior Offices Held: Royal Steward and Head Retainer for four Reigns, three time Pennsic AEthelmearc Royal Encampment Coordinator, Kingdom Chamberlain drop-dead deputy, local (Shire of Heronter): Seneschal, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Pennsic Land Agent, Guest Chronicler, Auction Coordinator and any other support needed.

Area(s) Peer can advise gentles on: Royal Protocol/Retaining/Coordinating Reigns/Royal Encampments/Autocratting and having fun while working hard! :) In general, Liadain is willing to give advice on just about anything, and if she's not knowledgable on a subject, she can certainly find you someone who is!

Current Group: Barony of Rhydderich Hael


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alternate: dolson AT

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