Mistress Contance Waite, OP

Major Area(s) of Service: I have staffed the Disabilities Services table during the first week of Pennsic for a few years. I have held offices in two Shires over several years. I have run Hunter's Home encampment at Pennsic for many years. I have shopped for and worked the Hospitality table at Pennsic for Land Grab for several years.

Prior Offices Held: former Kingdom Chatelaine, current Chronicler for Sunderoak, other past local positions.

Area(s) Peer can advise gentles on: Advising people on how to get involved. Over the years, I have gotten involved in such things as: getting a talented artist to work on a coloring book for the SCA. Doing Demos. Creating newsletters. Talking to people interested in the SCA. Teaching classes at Shire events, War Practice and Pennsic. Helping set up the Kingdom Gate in years past. Digging and hauling dirt plus tarred wood for the initial set up of the castle"snow fence" at Pennsic and for the restraightening of the castle. Cooking feasts. Being a MOL. Watering fighters at events. Autocratting events. Hosting bardic circles and sewing circles at my home.

Current Group: Plays with the Shires of Hunter's Home and Sunderoak


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