Baron Charles O'Connor, OP

Major Area(s) of Service: Heraldry (ceremonies, design, and naming practices), war strategy and tactics, military history, archery (especially crossbow), education, history, research, and SCA history.

Prior Offices Held: Aurochs Herald of Tharish (Precursor of Drachenwald); Founding Seneschal of Shire of Nebelbaum; Founding Seneschal Shire of Knights Crossing, Founding Baron, Knights Crossing; First Schwarzdrachen Herald of Drachenwald; Perpetual Autocrat in castles (Dragon's Tear award); Founder (with others) of Drachenwald (Principality); Morgenstern Herald of the East; War Herald, Pennsic; Shield Herald of the Middle Kingdom War Herald Pennsic; Dragon Principal Herald of the Middle Kingdom; Gold Falcon Principal Herald of Calontir; Habicht Herald of Calontir (education and Research) deputy; Dean of War College (Calontir); Commander of Calontir Army (Pennsic and War of the Lilies, Barons' War & Pelicans Vs. Laurels War); Founder of Shire of Dun Ard; Puisuivant of Dun Ard; Knights Marshal of Dun Ard; A&S minister, Dun Ard; Chronicler of Dun Ard; Seneshal of Dun Ard; Regent of Calontir University; Chancellor (former) of AEthelmearc Aecademy; Captain of Archers, BMDL; Deputy regional Archery Marshal; Deputy for Youth Archery at Pennsic 33 and 34

Area(s) Peer can advise gentles on: All of the above.

Current Group: Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

Household Affiliation: Clan O'Connor Dubh

E-mail: none available: please contact the Pelican clerk by clicking here to communicate with Baron Charles.

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