Master Brion Donul Gilbert*, OP

(*OR alternates: Hashishan of the Golden Dream; Gilbert St. Jean de Jalot)

Major Area(s) of Service: A little bit of everything. Held every office at a local level except Seneschal, Chirurgeon and Fence. Principality Seneschal. Autocratting; Marshallate; Newcomers go-to.

Prior Offices Held: Aethelmearc Seneschal; East Kingdom Regional Deputy Seneschal; Aethelmearc Regional Seneschal; Marshal (both regional and local); Arts Champ of Endless Hills; a bunch of other stuff too numerous to mention.

Area(s) Peer can advise gentles on: Going Kingdom; Founding New Groups; Writing Policy at Kingdom and Local levels; Growth Strategies for Groups; Teaching Fighting; Teaching History; How to Kick Butt and Take Names (only when it's needed) and live to tell the tale.

Current Group: Canton of Riverouge, Barony of Endless Hills

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