Baron Fridrikr Tomasson, OP

Major Area(s) of Service: Court Herald & Book Herald, War Herald at Pennsic, Law committee chair, advisor to the Crown, record keeper for the Society Steward.

Prior Offices Held: Deputy Kingdom Chronicler for the East; Brigantia Kingdom Herald for the East; Sycamore (regional) herald of the Western Region before Aethelmearc was a Principality; and 1st Silver Buccle Herald when AEthelmearc became a Principality; Chairman of the AEthelmearc Kingdom Laws Committee (Fridrikr counts that as a major achievement!); and Deputy Society Steward for five years. Baronial Herald, (total: about seven years); Baronial Chronicler twice; Baronial tollner (off & on); Autocrat for upwards of two dozen events over the years.

Area(s) Peer can advise gentles on: Office keeping, dealing with proteges (both successfully & not), finding balance between peerage & reality :)

Current Group: Barony of Thescorre


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