RoenMistress Roen Dentelliere de la Voile Rouge

passed away March 2006

Mistress Roen began her career in the SCA in AEthelmearc, living in West Virginia and the Pittsburgh area for several years before moving on to grace many other Kingdoms with her talents, energy and spirit. Among her many notable achievements, she was founding seneschale of the Shire of Misty Highlands, where she was once a college student.

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Major Fields: Lace making (bobbin and needle), Costuming.

Other Areas of Interest: Silversmithing, Music, Gardening.

Mistress Roen’s many honors and achievements include:

Gentles who were apprenticed to Mistress Roen:

Many thanks to Mistress Roen’s husband, Sir Emeric Wendel the Diversified, for providing this information.

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