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broommaister Emrys Eustace, hight Broom

Major Fields: Late 14th-c research, especially languages (Middle English & Old & Middle French), men's costume, and underwear.

Other Areas of Interest: Seals & guilds

Teaching: Please feel free to contact him if you would like him to teach any of the following classes:

  • Sherts, Trewes & Hose I - A Survey of Medieval Underwear*
  • Lacy & racy? More like warm & woolly.Few things are harder to document than unmentionables, but we'll mention them anyway. We'll go through their drawers, look through their linens, and take every chance we get to peek up their skirts.
  • Sherts, Trewes & Hose II - Documentable Details*
    Well, now that we've sifted through their unmentionables, let's be really courteous house guests, and tear'em apart! We'll examine weaves, fabrics, stitches, and patterning of documentable pieces of period undergarb.
  • Sherts, Trewes & Hose III - Chosen Hosen*
  • At the risk of seaming redundant, we'll discuss documented hosen patterns from the Middle Ages, and follow how the patterns evolved to solve tailoring problems.
  • A Maner to Maken Englissh Sweete upon the Tonge
  • A brush-up guide for emmigrants to the Knowne Worlde from England, on how we used to speak and read English properly, as spake at the time of Chaucer (c1400). With an understanding of how it developed from the ancient tongues of our Saxon and Norman ancestors.
  • Lire Franciens
  • An intro, for those qui puis deja parler la francais moderne
  • 5 Languages in 5 Minutes Each
  • A high-speed course for heralds who wish to feel less foolish, and with luck, look less foolish when pronouncing all those foreign names. Dangerous shortcuts to complicated languages!
  • Period Laurels and Their Apprentices
  • We will examine the details of a medieval apprenticship contract, the realities of an apprentice's life, and the economic advantages that made the guild/master/apprentice system so powerful in medieval life.
  • Cheesemaking
  • A hand's-on course, taking us from a basic understanding of how milk rots (but in a good way!), to the creation of some simple "green" (unripened) cheeses. We'll even explore the use of some medieval alternatives to rennet that grow locally.

Current Group: Out of Kingdom: formerly Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

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