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aliciaMistress Alicia Langland

Major Fields: Alicia received her Laurel for skill in the Scribal Arts; since then, she has constantly been amazed by how much she still has to learn!

Other Areas of Interest: include medieval social history (how they lived), making clothing, and medieval gardens. She asks that if anyone should ever come across the "Great Big Golden Book of Thirteenth Century Clothing" to please send her a copy; she will happily make any financial recompense necessary. (To her knowledge, such a book does not exist, but one can still hope!)

Teaching: Please feel free to contact her if you would like her teach any of the following classes:

  • Documenting Your Work
  • Machine-Appliqued Heraldic Banners
  • Making Garb that Fits Your Persona
  • Medieval Gardens
  • Teaching in the SCA
  • Writing Effective Letters of Recommendation
  • Advice for New Scribes
  • Best Buys: Developing a Scribal Library
  • Creating Scribal Demos and Displays
  • Inside the Pages: A 13th century Medieval Bestiary
  • Making of the Lindisfarne Gospels
  • Making of a Medieval Manuscript
  • Work of Angels: Insular Art, 6th to 9th Centuries
  • ILLUMINATION (hands-on):
  • Diapering for that "Luxe" Look
  • Gothic Leaves
  • Interlace Illuminated
  • Squashed Bug
  • CALLIGRAPHY (hands-on):
  • Batarde Calligraphy
  • Carolingian Minuscule Calligraphy
  • Early Gothic Calligraphy
  • Getting Started in Calligraphy
  • Gothic Textura Quadrata Calligraphy
  • Lombardic Capitals
  • Love Your Letters!
  • Uncial Majuscule Calligraphy
  • Working with "Dip" Pens
  • You Be the Judge!
  • Educational Demos
  • Organizing a "Guild Day" for Schools
  • Pennsic Q & A
  • Medieval Christmas

Current Group: Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais

E-mail**: hutchnsn AT

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