Mistress Isabelle Elaine of Salisbury

passed away April 1999

Major Fields: Lace-making and embroidery

Mistress Isabelle was a member of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands who excelled in work with needle and thread, most especially lace and embroidery. She was known for her generosity in teaching her skills to others, and especially for organizing her home barony’s Lace and Embroiderers’ Guild. After winning various textile categories for several years running, Isabelle was a frequent judge at the Ice Dragon Pentathlons

To learn more about Mistress Isabelle’s life, go to http://www.debatablelands.org/bios/isabelle.html

Mistress Isabelle's honors and achievements include:

Gentles who were apprenticed to Mistress Isabelle:

Many thanks to Mistress Isabelle’s husband, Lord Urho Waltterinen, for providing information.


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