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The Twelve Gifts of Peerage

by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon


Adapted from old European folk tales, wherein noble children are given these 12 gifts at birth, usually by 12 wise women (in stories like the earliest versions of Sleeping Beauty). While Peers are not always wise, your elevation is a sort of rebirth, and your life will be changed. Please accept these words as humble advice for the inevitable moments when PEERAGE seems like a challenge to you:

The first gift is strength. May you be able to call on it whenever needed, and never misuse it.

The second gift is beauty. May your actions and presence reflect the beauty we all deserve to witness.

The third gift is courage. May you speak and act with the certainty that you have followed the correct path, knowing it is not always the path most traveled.

The fourth gift is compassion. May you always remember that every action has consequences. May you be gentle to yourself and others, and find the strength to take responsibility for your actions.

The fifth gift is hope. As you struggle to find direction, may you see the possibilities, and not the obstacles, trusting that life is full of goodness and that you will be able to find that goodness.

The sixth gift is joy. May you keep your heart and mind open, light, and free.

The seventh gift is talent. May the abilities that brought you this far be used for the good of others.

The eighth gift is imagination. May it furnish you with vision, and enrich your dreams.

The ninth gift is respect. May you recognize something to respect in every person you meet.

The tenth gift is wisdom. Wisdom will show you the difference between knowledge and understanding. May you always be able to hear it's tiny voice.

The eleventh gift is love. May the love you feel grow each time you give it away.

The twelvth gift is faith. May you find the support of faith in the inherent goodness of mankind whenever you have need of something to believe in.


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