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NOTES on the Youth Category

Dame Aoife, our Kingdom Minister of Youth and I would very much like to encourage the youth of the Kingdom to enter the Ice Dragon Arts and Sciences competition.  We have guidelines for judging youth entries that take into account the age and possible adult assistance for youth arts and sciences projects.

So, we encourage everyone, of every age, but especially our younger members to think about entering Ice Dragon this year.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rhiannon the Pentocrat:

Two YOUTH subdivisions:
Ages 3-11: register under Novice YOUTH
Ages 12-17: can register under Singles YOUTH
NOTE: any teen who wishes to compete as an adult is permitted to do so in the MAIN (adult) categories.  If they do so, they should not enter the YOUTH category.

Additionally, if a youth would like to enter but cannot attend Ice Dragon, we can make arrangements for entries by proxy if necessary.

The rules take note of the fact that the Youth's parents/guardians/teachers may hel" them with their entries.  Extra credit is available for those Youths who 'do it all themselves' or a considerable part of the entry. (See “Assistance" below).  Note that a perfect score is 60 points. 

Documentation (from 1-10 points):
Did the entrant give credit to their sources?

For Youths 12-17: How well did the entrant use an appropriate method to cite their sources? 

Authenticity (from 1-10 points):
Did the entrant provide historical examples for the piece?
Where was it used?

For Youths 12-17:  In addition to the above questions:
How does the piece differ from historical examples?
What did the entrant do differently?

Creativity (from 1-10 points):
How well did the entrant include their own interpretation of historical examples in the piece?

Workmanship (from 1-10 points)
How much skill went into creating the piece?
Did the entrant use the same techniques as similar historical items?

Assistance (1 point=at least half the work was adult-generated; 10 points=No help):
How much of the work was accomplished with help from an adult?
Please include an honest assessment of how much work (use a percentage) was done by an adult, rather than the entrant.

Aesthetics (from 1-10 points):
Is the piece historical in look and materials?
Did the artist do their best work?
Is the work age-appropriate?






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