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How to Determine if you are a Novice or a Single A&S Competitor and Find Competitor Notes

  • Novice entrant definition
  • Single Entrant definition
  • Multiple Entrant definition
  • Mentoring
  • Entrants using other people's research

Novice entrant definition:  If you have no A&S Kingdom level award, or if you hold the A&S award of the Sycamore or other kingdom equivalent (and no higher), then you qualify for the Novice Level.  In entering this level, you will be competing with entrants who are more likely to be 'at your level', rather than pitting yourself against more experienced researchers. Children are welcome.

            Will you be judged differently than other entrants?  The judges will not know that you are 'novice' level.  The judging is done 'blind', with no entrants' names on entries. 

            What good is entering as a novice?  Expectations are that novices might score, on average, 20-30 points out of a total of 60 per letter category entered.  The novice class gives entrants a chance to 'get their feet wet' and see how they do against others at their own level.

            Can a novice score more than 30 points?  Yes, sometimes a novice really pulls it all together.  Talent and dedicated research show up at all levels.

            If an entrant has a Sycamore or less, do they HAVE to enter the Novice class?  Nope.  If an entrant wants to enter the regular Singles Pent along with other highly competitive artisans and researchers, many of whom have entered Ice Dragon before, they should go for it!

Advantages of being a Novice: You'll have increased opportunities to have your work seen and gain confidence in your abilities. 

            Who CANNOT enter the Novice Competition and/or Novice Pent:  Laurels, Fleurs, mid-level A&S awardees from other Kingdoms (Manche, Pearl, etc). Anyone who has won first place in a MAIN Category or the overall Pent in the past, whether in Aethelmearc or outside of Aethelmearc.  If in doubt, ask the Pentocrat

Single Entrant definition: Single entrants can be Fleurs, Laurels, Sycamores, and non-A&S awardees. Laurels are encouraged to enter work in their main interest, as well as their minor interests.

       If the Laurels are entering the Pent this year, does that mean that only Laurels are likely to win?  No- as we've found from past year's Pent results.  This is going to be a true horse race.  What we do know is that not all the best researchers and artisans in the Kingdom have received a Laurel.  It is rumored that Laurels don't know everything about everything.

Multiple Entrant definition: We have no 'Group Entry" classification this year. Working with another artisan or researcher takes place when two or more entrants work together on an object or contribute significantly to research together. If this is the case, please be CERTAIN to identify, in the documentation, which parts were done by entrant no. 1 and entrant no. 2, etc. If a large number of entrants work on a single entry please contact the Pentocrat ahead ot time for entry advice. Group performances are the exception to this request.

    Mentoring: Mentoring is a relationship with a more experienced researcher who guides an entrant to better resources, critiques an effort, or gives advice on techniques, but doesn't actually design or work on wording or work on an object or write wording for a research paper or documentation. Working with another artisan or researcher takes place when two or more entrants work together on an object or contribute significantly to research together. 

    Entrants using other people's research: This is done by virtually every good researcher, but the MOST IMPORTANT factor is that anything that is used from other research outside your own experience, must be CITED in the bibliography and also must be clearly indicated, whether it is a photograph, a portion of a website or wording taken directly from an article or a website. Please put quotes around anything of this sort and indicate where it came from and who did it, authored it, uploaded it, etc. If you happen to use an individual SCAdian as a documentation resource, please cite them using their mundane name. Do not use an SCA title with that name and avoid using an SCA location (i.e. "Barony of Somewhere"). This is to maximize your anonymity in the judging process as well as minimize a judge being 'swayed' by the 'I was told by a Laurel that....' effect.







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