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 Contestant Entrant Timeline, Day of Ice Dragon

Entry Preparation Notes

Your entry consists of two parts:

  1. The object itself (examples: a hood, a shield, an illumination, a bone needle, a performance)
  2. The documentation of the object

    NOTE: The thoughtful contestant will do research on the documentation for an object before creating the object. However, many contestants prepare an object before they finish the documentation. It is clear, from talking to many contestants, that this may be a 'back and forth' process, since in the re-creation of a Period object, there are many surprises. It is not unknown for some contestants to 'backwards' document an object already made. This is a risky process.

Entry Checklist

  1. Your entry must have been completed since March 15, 2008.
  2. You must indicate which Pent category fits your entry.

    NOTE: What to do if your entry does not fit into ANY of the established categories: in this case, please email or phone the Pentocrat (see lefthand navigation bar). Your entry will be placed in either 'Material Manipulation' or 'Curiosa' at the Pentocrat's discretion.
    NOTE: Some entries fit more than one category These entries are called CROSS ENTRIES. See special information on Cross Entries. (example: the embroidered cloak fits at least two categories: Needlework and Clothing. If the needlework is heraldic, it might also fit into Heraldic Display. You must establish a time-period for the Clothing category, since it is divided into pre-1400CE and post-1400CE.Documentation will be necessary with your entry. While it does not have to be extensive, entries with more extensive documentation than a 3x5" index card do garner higher scores. Documentation, done well, may take as long as preparing the physical part of some entries. Please read the 'Documentation" section of the lefthand navigation bar for more extensive information and examples.

FAQs about Entries

What do the MAIN Categories mean? MAIN categories are divided into major divisions of creative endeavor. There is one first place winner in each MAIN category.  When the Pent entries demand 5 different MAIN categories, contestants are being asked to exhibit VERY diverse abilities and knowledge. A Pent winner does not have to win 5 MAIN categories to win the Pent.

      Why are there subcategories? Subcategories are helpful in defining judging concentrations in a single MAIN category.  Contestants can enter several subcategories in one MAIN category, but only one entry will 'count' as a Pent entry from that MAIN category.

      What if my entry doesn't fit any of the categories or sub-categories? You may be a candidate for Material Manipulation or Curiosa (other) but you must contact the Pentocrat (LAS52 AT for permission to enter those categories/ subcategories.

      How many entries do I need to be in a Pentathlon? You must submit 5 entries, each in a different MAIN category.

      If I have entries in five MAIN Categories, will I automatically be entered in a Pent?  Yes, you will find your five entries listed in the Pent competition.  Our database automatically totals your five entries.

      Do I have to have five entries to compete in the A&S Competitions? NO, you are welcome to enter as few or as many categories as you wish. The five-entry rule is only for those who want to compete in the Pent itself. It is quite possible to win a MAIN category without being part of Pentathlon competition with its five-item/MAIN category rules.

      What are cross-entries?  A cross entry is a single object that can qualify for more than one MAIN category, and is most often encountered with Pent entries.  It is one of the SCAdian dreams to enter one or two incredible items that will qualify for all 5 MAIN categories and win the Pent.  One item, Lord Pearce Redsmythe's Heraldic Scroll Case and Cumdach, won the Pent as five cross entries in 2006.

      What special rules are necessary for cross-entries?  Cross entries must have a full set of documentation for each MAIN category they are entered in.  They must have a Color picture (inkjet or glossy) to put in MAIN categories where the actual object is not used, along with a separate set of documentation. 

      What special rules are necessary for research papers, poetry, prose and musical composition?  Research papers MUST BE submitted early to the Pentocrat by email attachment or US Postal Mail.  The postmark deadline is February 8th, 2009.  If you are submitting by electronic attachment(s), contact the Pentocrat ahead of time for file format guidelines/compatibility issues (email: If you must submit hard copies, four copies (three WITHOUT your name) must be sent to the Pentocrat, Lois Swales, P.O. Box 282, Etna, NY 13062.

      Why are there much earlier deadlines for research papers, poetry, prose and music composition?  The longer length of a research paper, etc is a driving factor to facilitate fair judging.  Unlike documentation, a research paper requires more time than the 3 hour judging limits of the competition on March 28th allows.


Preparing your entry

      When should I start?  This is totally up to you.  Some entries are done the week before Ice Dragon.  Some entries are finished six months before Ice Dragon, after work that has gone on for years.

      Are there limits on when I made an entry or if it was in another competiton?  Your entry must have been finished since last year's (March 2008) Ice Dragon. It can have been in other AEthelmearc or other Kingdom competitions during the last year, even if it came in first.

      When do I start my documentation?  This is also totally up to you.  However, successful contestants usually do initial documentation before they begin the physical object.  Or do more documentation after they begin their object and discover some things they don't understand or are having trouble understanding.  Documentation is more an ongoing process than a one-time experience.  At some point, the artist sums it up and generates a 'report', known as documentation, for this competition.

      Do I put my name on my entry? No, your name will be encoded for the competition when you register.  At the time the ribbons are placed on entries after 3 pm, your SCA name will be revealed, using the 2nd 3x5 card you filled out at registration..

      Do I put my name on my documentation? NO, your name will be encoded for judging.

      What if I entered my item in another competition before Ice Dragon? This year we are accepting all items whether they were in another competition in Aethelmearc (or out) or not. 

      What if I finished my entry more than a year ago?  Please do not enter 'old' items this year for competition scoring.  We are interested in your recent work or your updated work. Updating can include revised and improved documentation. Entries that are more than one year old are welcome in the Artists' Retrospective Display, however.

      What if my entry was already entered in a former Ice Dragon competition? It is not eligible for entry this year. For exception, see above.

      What if I am from a Kingdom outside of AEthelmearc?  Your entries are welcome in the competition, as long as they conform to the rules above.



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