Ice Dragon: Hamburg NY- March 18, 2006

Hosted by the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa, Pentocrat- email LAS52 AT


Using the Ice Dragon Scoring & Comments Sheets

Below you will find links for both the scoring sheet and the comments sheet in pdf format.

Score sheets and how to use them:

After downloading the scoring sheet (click here), you'll discover the six judging criteria, Documentation, Authenticity, Creativity, Workmanship, Complexity and Aesthetics on the top columns. For each Letter Category/subcategory you judge, you will have a line for each entry with a unique assigned number/letter. For each of these entries you'll assign 6 scores of 10 or less for each of the criteria*. The Pentocrat advises using scrap paper and totaling your 6 criteria to get a rough estimate of the whole score for each entry. Then fill out the final score on the official score sheet. The total is sometimes a surprise if you look at each criteria in isolation. The PDF Scoring sheet is only an example; 'real' scoring sheets will be provided at the Event by the Registration staff.

When you have judged all the entries in your Letter Category (or subcategory, as the case may be) you'll hand the scoring sheet back to Baron Stefan sitting in the computer area to enter into the scoring database.

NOTE: you will NOT know if you are judging Novice, Group or Singles this year. The judging will be done blind.

Comments Sheets (click here): after you have finished scoring, it is helpful to go back and work on your Comments to contestants as well. The comment sheets should be left in the individual entrant folders in the box with the Category. This way the contestants can find them.

Rubrics NOTE: judges using rubrics will be using a 30 point system. Please follow the instructions with your judging packets.

Please email the Pentocrat , Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa: LAS52 AT with any questions. Thank you.

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