Official A&S Competitions & Pentathlons Entry Process

March 17th, 2007

Please disregard any other entry rules or categories from any source except the AEstel, myself or the website listed below.  The rules are similar BUT NOT EXACTLY THE SAME as Ice Dragon 2006.  Contact info for the Pentocrat:  Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa,  c/o Lois Swales, P.O. Box 282, Etna, NY /

607-275-0999 (before 10:00 pm, please) / Visit for expanded information and downloadable registration form.


Entry Rules

Please check the website for expanded details on the Rules or contact the Pentocrat.

1.      Entries must have been completed since Ice Dragon, March 2006. Entries placed in other AEthelmearc competitions ARE eligible, whether they won or not.  Entries are accepted from other Kingdoms.

2.      You can enter individual MAIN categories without entering the Pent.  Indicate whether you are entering Novice or Singles MAIN categories. (Group entries will be scored in MAIN categories for the Group Pent, but not eligible to win any MAIN category, only the Separate Group Pent.  If entering Group, circle it.) Group members can enter other items on their own as Novice/Single.

3.      One entry in each of five major (MAIN) categories enters you into one of three Pentathlons.  Indicate which Pent you are entering: Singles, Group or Novice.  

4.      Enter as many items as you wish. There is NO entry fee.

5.      DO NOT put your name on your entries.  Your entry will be coded and your name added at the end of judging when award ribbons are distributed. (You will fill out a card with your name on it during entry registration.)

6.      ALL CROSS-ENTRIES MUST HAVE a SEPARATE SET of DOCUMENTATION and item PHOTOs/inkjet images for EACH CATEGORY ENTERED. There are no exceptions.  If you do not provide the additional photos and documentation copies, you cannot be cross entered, but will limited to one category only for your item.  For example, if you want to cross-enter a medieval gun in both woodworking and metal working, submit two sets of documentation and two photographs of your gun: 1 set for woodworking and 1 set for metalworking.  The documentation can be modified to suit each separate category you place it in, if desired.

7.      Special terms for Research papers, prose, poetry, and music composition categories:  All submissions will be pre-judged and must be received (mail or email to the Pentocrat –address below) by February 9, 2007 (postmark/email date).  ELECTRONIC FORMAT STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. Contact Pentocrat for detailed info on digital formats. FOUR identical hard-copies of your work must be sent if not electronic. Put your name on the cover sheet of ONE copy only. Check Pent website for more detailed information.

8.      Singles and Novice entries: MUST CLEARLY INDICATE what part of a team-work entry is theirs if entered into the individual competitions. No team-work/group entry can be used that is also entered into the Group Pent.

9.      Group entries from a single group may be prepared either by the whole group, one or more members of the group or by individual members of the group.




1.      Pre-registration until March 2nd, 2007:  This is not required, but takes a huge burden off the registrar on the day of the Event.  Email or US Postal service mail the Pre-Registration form (printed out from URL above).  If any category changes need to be made, I will contact you.  Your entrant folders will be ready for you to pick up the day of the competition in a special Pre Reg line.  If you are uncertain you will finish a project in time, register it anyway, since it is easy to delete a folder from a packet on the day of the Event. Proxy entries (that is, someone else entering your art for you) are allowed and pre-registration encouraged to reduce stress on the person bringing your entries for you. 

2.      Special LAST MINUTE Pre-Registration will be available the night before Ice Dragon at the Event site on March 16th, from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. That is the very last moment that Groups can register.  Further details forthcoming.

3.      Same day registration (Event morning):  Opens 9:00 AM and closes at 11:00 AM.


Additional schedule, March 17th, 2007:


11:30 AM thru 1:30 PM: A&S Exhibition is Open to the Populace, though judging will also be going forward, and mentors will ‘guard’ the judges (no talking to them as they concentrate!). No viewing of documentation will be available during the morning, except by judges.

1:30 PM thru 3:00 PM:  A&S Exhibition closes to finish judging and put dragon award ribbons in place.

3:00 PM thru 5:00 PM: A&S Exhibition re-opens to public.  Dragon award ribbons on display, documentation is available for examination. 

4:00 PM thru 4:30 PM:  Contestants are invited to “Meet the Judges” and speak informally about scores, concerns, comments, etc.

Court Awards:  All first and second place winners will be announced in Court.  That is:  1st and 2nd Singles Pent winners, Novice Pent winners and Group Pent winners.  Also, MAIN Category winners from the Novice A&S competition and the Singles A&S competition will be called up in two groups to receive their award scrolls.  Winners of special awards will also be announced: the Zog Memorial Best Documentation Award ($100), the Baron and Baroness’s choice awards, plus others TBD.


Categories for Ice Dragon Pentathlon, March 17, 2006

 Note: MAIN categories are in CAPITALS and have greyed backgrounds; subcategores have

entry codes consist of lower case letters and numbers 1-4. Where there is no subcategory,the entry code ends in a zero.




bev1. Beer & Ale

fiba1. Spinning/Fiber manipulation


bev2. Wine & Mead

fiba2. Weaving


bev3. Cordials

fiba3. Dyeing

permu1. Instrumental

bev4. Non-Alcoholic-other

fiba4. Knitting, Nalbinding, Netting

permu2. Vocal





cer1. Pottery


perf1. Physical (dance, juggling)

cer2. Glasswork


perf2. Storytelling



perf3. Drama/comedy






scrib1. Calligraphy

clo1. Pre 1400


scrib2. Illumination

clo2. Post 1400

lit1. Research Papers


clo3. Accessories - Textile

lit2. Musical Arrangement

        & Composition

stud1. Drawing & Printmaking

clo4. Accessories - Non-textile

lit3. Poetry & Prose

stud2. Painting



stud3. Stained Glass

culin1. Main Dish

mat1. Bone and Horn


culin2. Side Dish

mat2. Bookmaking


culin3. Sweets & Subtleties

mat3. Stone


culin4. Baked Goods

mat4. Other

wood1. Construction



wood2. Decoration


met1. Martial



met2. Domestics



met3. Jewelry