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Guidelines for writing good documentation for Ice Dragon

There are many ways to document your entry. This is a complex and often confusing subject. Therefore, Rhiannon the Pentocrat, along with some very brave and generous former entrants (Thank them!) are going to show you approaches used in past Ice D's, with comments.

Below you'll see the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of several ways to write up what you know about your entry. In some cases, you'll see the URL of the original documentation with the original images, etc. The comments are in RED along with suggested score increasing activities in BLUE on the downloadable pdf comment versions. In some cases, especially with the simpler 'mockup' documentation, you'll see estimated scores: they are a guess only, not a guarantee.

Mockup's: the bascinet's three levels are not 'real entries' but mimic some of the simplest seen from past Ice Dragon's.

Please provide the following information with each entry:

1. What

2. When

3. Where

4. Technique/Materials PERIOD

5. Technique/Materials MODERN (if you 'deviate' from no. 4 above, explain why: cost/time/dangerous material, etc.)

Nos. 1-5 = from one to three typewritten pages (one side). It is wise not to exceed 10 pages in this section. (experienced researchers: choose your own path here!)

Additional Items 5 & 6 (Below) = unlimited pages

6. Bibliography (Alphabetical by author(s), date, title, publisher, location (specific pgs a plus); URLs with webpages, author, title. [Footnotes can be used instead, same info included].

7. Appendix if desired (very helpful: step-by-step process photos; images of extant objects; tools used, Period; tools used, Modern; excerpts of rare/key documentation with highlighted passages; samples, etc.) Pagination of Appendix can be used to point to Appendix locations from 3 pager above.

In Addition: All Ice Dragon entries must also have a 3x5 card to identify them during the judging process. Please provide items 1-5 above on that card. 3x5 cards are available on the day of the competition or you can bring your pre-filled out cards with you. Do not include your name on this card. This card is the only information on your item available to the public the morning viewing hours (documentation will be restricted to judges only during that time period).

Documentation examples with Comments:

Alexander's Bascinet example: This is a 'pretend' entry at 3 levels: very sparse info, medium info and a simple one pager, along with comments on possible point score outcomes. The same exact object is described in each one.

Commentary/documentation (pdf)

Juliana's Tablet Woven Pouch: Ice Dragon 1st time entrant's documentation.

Commentary/documentation (pdf)

Phiala's Needles: Documentation of a very 'spare' style. Elegant and complete.

Commentary/documentation (pdf)

Valgardr's Viking trim on a Hat: like Phiala's work, this documentation excels in its succinct format, while hitting all the high points:

Commentary/document (pdf)

Bedwyr's Rushlights: example of a "novel" study where there isn't a lot of Period how-to info on subject.

Commentary/document (pdf)

Bridgette's Hat: an example of a complex project (longer page length):

Commentary/document (pdf)

Gille and Nanzydon's Vitruvius' Scorpion (BIG bow-driven weapon): An example of a huge project involving two artisans and long-term research (25 pgs, and they are still adding more.). Careful organization of supporting material is CRITICAL here to be certain the judges can navigate thru it all. The overall presentation works well as a research paper, considering length and detail supplied.

Katja's Ymber day tart: A good example of a narrative style, pleasantly readable. Gives a feeling of 'climbing into the contestant's mind as you read. Also shows the use of footnotes instead of a stand-alone bibliography. Harder for judges to quickly check the level of the sources by flipping to the stand-alone bibliography, though gives immediate (no page flipping) access to bibliographic info.

Odriana's Roasted Chicken with Stuffing: Another nicely organized documentation arrangement.

NOTE: Rhiannon will try to add more examples to this list as time permits.

If you have questions on these categories, please email the Pentocrat , Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa: LAS52 AT Thank you.

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