Ice Dragon: Hamburg NY- March 18, 2006

Hosted by the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa, Pentocrat (email: LAS52 AT


Ice Dragon A&S 2006

A&S Competition Categories

Below you will find LETTER categories A thru R.

Individual entries are welcome in all categories for the A&S competition. You do not have to enter a "Pent" to enter the Category competitions.

This year there will be the traditional "Singles Pent" (5-Letter category entries per entrant). In addition, there will be two more Pentathlons: The Novice Pentathlon and the Group Pentathlon. Rules for all three Pents will be published at the beginning of October 2006 at this website.

NOTE: Many Letter Categories have subcategories. Subcategories are not considered individual categories for the purpose of Pentathlon entries. In other words, if you enter 2 entries in Category Letter B. Fiber Arts (one in B1, Spinning/Fiber manipulation and one in B2, Weaving) you will 'qualify' for only ONE Letter entry if you are entering a Pentathlon competition.

A. Needlework I. Metal Working

1. Evenweave

1. Martial

2. Lace

2. Domestics

3. Other

3. Jewelry

B. Fiber Arts J. Woodworking

1. Spinning/Fiber manipulation

1. Construction

2. Weaving

2. Decoration

3. Dyeing

K. Ceramics

4. Knitting, Nalbinding, Netting

1. Pottery

C. Clothing

2. Glasswork

1. Pre 1400

L. Leatherworking/Hide products

2. Post 1400

M. Material Manipulation- Various

3. Accessories - Textile

1. Bone and Horn

4. Accessories - Non-textile

2. Bookmaking

D. Heraldic Display

3. Stone

E. Studio Arts

4. Other*

1. Calligraphy

N. Culinary

2. Illumination

1. Main Dish

3. Drawing & Printmaking

2. Side Dish

4. Painting

3. Sweets & Subtleties

5. Stained Glass

4. Baked Goods

F. Performance Arts-Non-musical O. Household Arts

1. Physical (dance, juggling)

P. Beverages

2. Storytelling

1. Beer & Ale

3. Drama/comedy

2. Wine

G. Performance Arts- Musical

3. Cordials

1. Instrumental

4. Non-Alcoholic-other

2. Vocal

Q. Children's Work
H. Literary Arts R. Curiosa

1. Poetry & Prose

1. Scientific

2. Musical Arrangement & Composition

2. Other*

3. Research Papers


*With Permission of the Pentocrat ONLY

If you have questions on these categories, please email the Pentocrat, Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa: LAS52 AT Thank you.

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