THL Valentine Raphael dePeregoy

Major Fields: Personna Research, Commedia Mask Making/Theatre Arts, Singing, Storytelling, Jewelry/Beadwork, The Arte of Defense, The Arts and Sciences of the New World

Other Areas of Interest: Period Leatherworking, Scribal Arts, Painting, Woodcarving, Bookbinding

Teaching: Please feel free to contact him if you would like him to teach any of the following classes:


NOTE: Valentine enjoys one-on-one classes on such topics as: Everything listed above with a bit more depth; also Rapier Play in the SCA - Valentine's system...(A ten session class which introduces a student to Fencing in the SCA, Trains them in the use and history of all the light rapier forms with the primary goal of authorization. Class focuses on safety, method, comportment, and presentment as much as upon martial ability.) He enjoys having his brain picked on oother subjects, just ask. He is more comfortable teaching one-on-one than in a class environment but can and does teach classes willingly. He feels he teaches more effectively in small groups.

Current Group: Shire of Port Oasis

E-mail**: SalleAvarim AT

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