THL Hengist Gromhgydig the Saexon

Major Fields: Migration Era and Early Medieval German Culture, Pigment making, Early Germanic Poetry, Metal Casting (Mould, Lost-wax, Sand), Jewelry making, Cooking (Medieval German), Sewing, Brewing, Period Fighting, Armouring, Medieval Philosophy, Melee Tactics

Other Areas of Interest: Etymology, Calligraphy, Shipbuilding, Blacksmithing, Bookmaking, Numenistics, Bone/Horn/Antler manipulation, Medieval Medicine. Languages: Old Norse, Old English, Old Saxon, Old High German, Middle High German, Old Frank. Lapidary, Leatherworking, Medieval Technology, Woodworking.

Teaching: Please feel free to contact him if you would like him teach any of the following classes:

Current Classes:
Current Group: Shire of Nithgaard

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