Baroness Daedra McBeth a Gryphon (alternate: Daedez)

Major Fields: Storytelling and Poetry

Other Areas of Interest: Calligraphy and Illumination, Scroll wordings, Educational presentations, Mongolian culture, Singing, and Collecting SCA historical trivia.

Teaching: Please feel free to contact her if you would like her to teach any of the following classes:


Note: Daedra is sometimes reclusive, but >can< be persuaded to teach classes:

Current Group: Barony of Thescorre

Household Affiliation: Dark Horde Moritu

E-mail**: daedra AT (alternate: daedez AT

**To use email address above, please replace space AT space with @ after copying address above (spam prevention measure).

Web Page: None as yet, but much of her work can be accessed through the Barony of Thescorre Home Page. The Thescorre Academic Demo and Educational Presentations Team Manual and SCA Timeline found there are useful. The Shire of the Mire Songbook and Literary Guide to Local Swamp Life is just plain silly.

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