THL Maria Pieknoplotno*

Major Fields: Costuming, Textile fibers and structures as they relate to the textile industry in the later Middle Ages (i.e. what was the thread count on the 20+ different species of broadcloth ca. 1300 or 1500; just how heavy was Arras 'says' as compared to Bruges 'says' with both compared to their contemporary broadcloth; finding comparable modern equivalents.)

Other Areas of Interest: Illumination, pewter casting, pottery.

* Instructions on pronouncing this name:

Last Name: Pieknoplotno: Polish-English dictionary writes this as (pyank-no) and (pwootno) = pyank-no-pwoot-no. It means "pretty linen" or "pretty fabrics". Or say Pee aynk' nah pwoot' no(that's like the pea in the pod...the ank in as in nothing...pwoot is its own sound, a 'p' with a 'wah' stuck together and an 'oo' as in hoot added has a long 'o'.

First name: Maria in Polish: Med' -ee. But she will answer to Maria, pronounced the English way.

Teaching: Please feel free to contact her if you would like her to teach any of the following classes:


Current Group: Barony of Endless Hills

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