THL George Anne

Major Fields: In order of obsession currently, subject to change on whim:

1. Plumbing, history and practical uses. 2. Quilting. 3. Calligraphy and illumination (within the realm of my ability, as I am allergic to paints, and developing allergy to some inks). 4. Any form of needlework, including garb, embroidery (particularly metallic), blackwork, beading, and lace (knotting, needlelace and bobbin). 5. Armenian History and illumination in particular. 6. Anything to do with alcohol. The actual making of alcohol has been limited to beer since 2000, simply because we don't drink as much as I like to make. Cordials are still made yearly. I still love to teach, read, and discuss alcohol, although I've been lower on the sampling level.

Other Areas of Interest: Persona research, history of England, history of Germany. History of bathing and laundry. Middle English. Cheesemaking. Knitting. Shoes and gloves. History of religion. Papermaking.

Teaching: Please feel free to contact her if you would like her to teach any of the following classes:

Classes I am trying to improve:

Current Group: Shire of Sterlynge Vale

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