Don Bastiano di Iacopo

Major Fields: Fencing

Other Areas of Interest: Calligraphy, Illumination, Ceramics, Hot glass, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Metal work, Wood work ( including turning )* along with experience in Leatherwork, Cooking, Sewing, Enameling, Jewelry, Drumming and Singing.

* Don Bastiano would like to explain about his "other areas of interest":" This is what I do for a living.. I teach art.. and I am very active in developing new skills seems to keep me passionate about the teaching. I would not call me an expert on all that I have listed... but I would feel very comfortable teaching/demonstrating intermediate classes in those areas. My focus is on the technique.. and less on the historical methods or development of the process."

Teaching: Please feel free to contact him if you would like him to teach any of the following classes:


Current Group: The Barony of St. Swithin's Bog

E-mail**: nbe AT

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