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AE War Practice 08

Artisan's Forum

Cooper's Lake Campground*

Artist What They Displayed Picture 1 Picture 2 Group  
Artemius Andreas Magnus
stained glass from start to finish Picture 1   Delftwood  
Bovi Farmar
amazing iron work and leather shoes Picture 1   Steltonwald  
Bronwyn MacFhionghuin
strawberry tarts and her redaction based on Good Husewife's Jewell Picture 1   Abhain C. G.  
Christofano Vecchione
entire portfolio of work (spanning 20 years)
Picture 1   BMDL  
Clarice Roan
Two wonderful headdresses with documentation Picture 1   Delftwood  
Gianna di Aurelio
her illuminations Picture 1 Picture 2    
Guenevere Katherine of Trails End
Research on laces and network Picture 1   Thescorre  
Hrefna in heppna
Calligraphy on vellum for an apprentice scroll w/ seal tags

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Ismay Pond

Art of Liming & Illuminations
Picture 1   Misty Highlands  
Isolda filia Georgii
Illumination; portrait miniatures, A&S 50yr Challenge info Picture 1   R. Hael  
Juliana Delamere
Tablet weaving and in-progress Tunic for Valgardr Picture 1   Misty Highlands  
Magdalena Binder
Research on Persona' s reading material inspired by A&S 50yr. Challenge Picture 1   R. Hael  
Malcolm MacAngus
Paintings and drawings inspired by Holbein's techniques. Picture 1 Picture 2 R. Hael  
Olivia d'Anjou
Bee keeping and Skeps Picture 1 Picture 2    
Renata the posh rat
Illumination and collecting gift bag items for Majesties Picture 1      
Rosalind Ashworth
Tablet weaving, Illumination and embroidery Picture 1 Picture 2 Greater Aethelmearc  

*with thanks to the Coordinator: THL Odriana vander Brugghe



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