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Nature: The world of living things and the outdoors

Image: A vivid description or representation

Orange Lily

Let me help you

Catdalla: George on robe

Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

Digital Mandalla: rocks and moss

About the Artists
I enjoy both capturing the world around us through photographs, and turning, mirroring and manipulating these photos to create unique images – digital mandalas, reflections, different effects.

In college, my courses included air photo interpretation, and remote sensing, where I learned to analyze, manipulate, and enhance images. I studied Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Cornell University and graduated with a B.S.

After graduation, I used my engineering and systems training to start Cayuga Color, a full service slide and print processing film lab. Later, I sold CCL and become a computer systems administrator and programmer.

I enjoy being outdoors with a camera, and I have taken photos in many exotic locations: arctic cold in the Adirondack and White Mountains during winter; extreme heat in the remote Turkana district of Kenya; many hours underground while exploring caves. By helping to find undiscovered caves, and map them, I get to go where no human has gone before. - Located near the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve (this page)
12"x18" Placemat, 11x17 print
12"x18" Placemat, 11x17 print
12"x18" Placemat, 11x17 print
Tissue box with image:
13"x8" tray
dye sublimation image
Wine gift box, 10"x4"
dye sublimation image