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Nature: The world of living things and the outdoors

Image: A vivid description or representation

Orange Lily

Let me help you

Catdalla: George on robe

Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

Digital Mandalla: rocks and moss

We use the finest materials to print and mount our images. See the left sidebar.

Our Plantscape Design and Consulting services allow you to surround yourself with Natureís images outdoors and indoors throughout the year.

We are a Painter In Light and a Painter With Light.
Light is the media we use to paint images. The medium are the photo sensors and lenses that capture these images, the software used to manipulate them, or the ink jet printers used to print them onto paper and other display materials. - Located near the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve (this page)
all photos, images and art work are copyrighted.

12"x18" Placemat, 11x17 print
12"x18" Placemat, 11x17 print
12"x18" Placemat, 11x17 print
Tissue box with image:
13"x8" tray
dye sublimation image
Wine gift box, 10"x4"
dye sublimation image