Punctuation Exercises
From the English Department

Punctuate the following sentences according to proper form. You’ll use commas, periods, quotation marks, apostrophes, semicolons, and colons. It might help to read each sentence out loud first.

1. After Ive cooked set the table and eaten I must face the most daunting chore cleaning up

2. If youre a writer please critique my work if youre a publisher please buy it

3. Oh gosh I forgot my wallet

4. The Smiths have a nice house but it needs a new coat of paint

5. Bergmans films are brilliant Ive seen each one several times

6. The following people were invited Jim my husband Frank my brother Sarah my sister and Maria my mother

7. They keep horses but not cows on their farm in Notasulga Alabama

8. In Hamlet Polonius gives Laertes good advice Neither a borrower nor a lender be

9. She said she would be there at 615 she didnt show up until almost 700

10. He took the new job or so everyone assumed for the money what he really wanted was the challenge

11. The library has many kinds of books such as fiction reference biography and history

12. In the bottom of the trunk was something that Id never dream of finding a letter signed by Abraham Lincoln

13. Yes Ill go to the movies with you but I have to be home by 1100

14. On the other hand maybe we should just spend the money we do need a new sofa

15. My favorite poem is by Robert Frost The Road Not Taken

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