Officers of the Dominion

Seneschal: Adelais de Savigney (Judy Phillips)
Deputy Seneschal: Gavin Kent (Greg Tremblay)
Exchequer:Iain mac an Bhaird (Jon Baird)
Deputy Exchequer: Rhiannon y Bwa (Lois Swales)
Chatelaine: Teresa Nessel
Deputy Chatelaine: Vacant
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Iain mac an Bhaird (Jon Baird)
Deputy Minister of A&S: Vacant

Herald: Tristan del Alcacar (Tristan Zukoski)
Deputy Herald: Buddha

Chronicler: Vacant

Chirurgeon: Gavin Kent (Gregory Tremblay) Historian/Webminister: Angeline di Aquila (Angie Malone)
Fencing Marshal: Vacant: Contact Aldan Kerr (Lauren Doughty) Dance Minister: Luke (Luke Donev)
Rattan Marshal: John the Pell (John Ankrum) Minister of Music: Kaaren (Kaaren Remley)
Captain of the Archers:Iain mac an Bhaird (Jon Baird) Envoy Plenipotent to Risley:Vacant
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Gefyn (Lori Baird) CUSCA-L List Minister: Orlando Alvarez (Michael Hojnowski)
Minister of Lists: Muireann Ni Muirchertaig ( Petra Tremblay) Steward: Iain mac an Bhaird (Jon Baird)
The BOD: Aldan Kerr (Lauren Doughty) Lawspeaker: Garret the Bear

Seneschal: The seneschal is the president of our organization, and like a fiber-filled diet, keeps things running smoothly in the Dominion.

Chatelaine: The chatelaine greets new members and helps them get their bearings.

Herald: The herald helps people with their SCA names, coats of arms, and other ways of letting people know who you are in the SCA. Some heralds are loud and let people know what's going on at events. Heralds are known for being amazingly adept at bad puns.

Chirurgeon: The chirurgeon is the name for a medic in the SCA. Chirugeons administer first aid and submit lots of paperwork.

Fencing Marshal: The fencing marshal is the safety officer and primary instructor for the Rennaissance-style fencing done in the SCA. The fencing marshal will teach you how to poke people with long pointy things.

Rattan Marshal: The rattan marshal is the safety officer and primary instructor for the armored combat done in the SCA. The rattan marshal will teach you how to put on your armor properly and hit people with sticks.

Captain of the Archers: The captain of the archers is the safety officer and primary instructor for target archery in the SCA. The captain of the archers will teach you how to use a bow to fling pieces of wood across a field at a bunch of circles on a hay bale.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: The thrown weapons marshal is the safety officer and primary instructor for throwing weapons at targets int he SCA. The thrown weapons marshal will teach you how to throw a knife or an ax at a hunk of wood.

Minister of the Lists(MOL): The minister of the lists keeps track of martial competitions at SCA events. MOLs do inexplicable things with index cards.

The BOD: The BOD just is, and it's Aldan.

Exchequer: The exchequer is the treasurer of our organization. Exchequers seem to have this thing about receipts.

Minister of Arts & Sciences(A&S): Arts and sciences are the things, like cooking, cleaning, writing, dancing, etc, that make up medieval life. A&S are always looking for ideas for classes so they can go look for instructors to teach.

Chronicler: Chroniclers write stuff for and about the group. You'll see these wily creatures taking notes at meetings and soliciting articles for newsletters.

Historian: The historian is like the chronicler, but only focuses on stuff we did before not the stuff we're about to do next. If you like organizing stuff, the historian would be happy for your help.

Dance Minister: The dance minister is the safety officer and primary instructor for dancing. In Myrkfaelinn we do Western European courtly dance and Middle Eastern solo dancing. If you can walk and count to four at the same time, you can dance in the SCA.

Minister of Music: The minister of music is the safety officer and primary instructor for vocal and instrumental music. If you don't know why music needs a safety officer, you've never watched our musicians play recorder.

Envoy Plenipotent to Risley: The Envoy Plenipotent to Risley makes sure we continue to be welcome as guests at Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts at Cornell University. This space has a dining hall that looks like the refectory at Christchurch at Oxford, and it's the envoy's job to keep the lines of communication open so that we don't.

CUSCA-L List Minister: CUSCA-L is the electronic mailing list for the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn. To subscribe, send email to <> with the following in the body of the message: subscribe CUSCA-L "Your Name in Quotes " as the first line of the body of the message.

Steward: The steward keeps track of the stuff the group owns. Given that none of us have enough room at home for all of it, this can be quite a task.

Lawspeaker: The lawspeaker recites the laws of Myrkfaelinn at the at-least-annual althing. You can tell which one is the lawspeaker, because the lawspeaker has a nifty chair.