White Candle

Dominion of Myrkfaelinn Newsletter

December Issue, 2004


Business Meeting and Fall Event Report

Steinn, our seneschal, noted that there were be NO biz meeting in January 2005 as Risley Hall is closed for the Christmas break during our usual meeting time.

The next business meeting will be February 8th at 8 PM in Tammany (Risley Hall, Cornell University). We will be discussing further details of the the Spring Event and Barton at that meeting as well as voting on candidates for the A&S officer position that Sylvie is resigning from. Please email Steinn or CUSCA-L list to be considered for that position.

Fall Event: went well except that the Risley Kitchen was missed. All food prep was done in the Firehouse kitchen and brought in. Gavin says it was possible but not pleasant and he wouldn't want to do this again if another solution can be found. Becca spent 1.5 hours washing up after Feast in one small sink. She also wouldn't want to do that again. Aldan will have event financial report at next Business Meeting.

Spring Event: Tristan and Sylvie are co-autocrats. Sylvie will be involved with UUP for Cornell and Tristan will do the AEstel notification date finding. The first week in April is preferred. March will not be possible with both IC and Cornell spring breaks (sequential). Spring Event will probably not have a feast, just a sideboard. Dish to pass may be possible or fire cooking, etc. Scola or fighting/fencing regional practices are being considered. Risley is the event location.

Barton Summer War Practice: June (not second week). Mistress Catalina and Sir Orlando have offered (and been accepted) to autocrat and to cook. They will contact Boy Scouts and Kingdom autocrat to find date.

Two officers have stepped down, Herald Adelais and Deputy Exchequer Angie. We held elections for these positions. The winners were Tristan for Herald, with Buddha as Deputy Herald. And Rebecca for Deputy Exchequer. Positions pending accpetance at the Kingdom level.

A&S minister Sylvie will be leaving that position at the beginning of the year. Ideas for upcoming A&S classes proposed: Class for leather strap goods (Steinn); Italian Leather masks (Jenn, maybe); Bookbinding (?); Pointy toed shoes (Rhiannon).

Heaving Fighting Practice: Sunday 1:00 PM Risley

Fencing Practice: Sunday 3:00 PM Risley

A&S Meetings: Tuesdays 8:00 PM Tammany followed by Dancing

Officer list (for phone numbers, contact Steinn by email)

Officers of the Dominion Seneschal: Steinn Karlsson (Steve Weidner) sw275 AT cornell.edu

Exchequer: Aldan Kerr (Lauren Doughty) email lad5 AT cornell.edu

Deputy Seneschal: Dan Adinolfi

Deputy Exchequer: Angeline di Aquila (Angie Malone)

Chatelaine: Muireann Ni Muirchertaig (Petra Tremblay) email muireann_ni_m AT yahoo.com

Deputy Chatelaine: Theresa Nessel

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Sylvie (Christine Schuresko) email somesylvie AT yahoo.com

Chronicler: Rhiannon y Bwa (Lois Swales) email las52 AT cornell.edu

Dance Mistress: Luke (Luke Donev)

Herald: Adelais de Savigney (Judith Phillips) jmp64 AT cornell.edu

Minister of Music: Kaaren (Kaaren Remley)

Fencing Marshal: Sylvie (Christine Schuresko) email somesylvie AT yahoo.com

Chirurgeon: Gavin Kent (Gregory Tremblay) gmt7 AT cornell.edu

Historian: Angeline di Aquila (Angie Malone) alm4cu AT localnet.com

Webpage Minister: Angeline (Angie Malone) alm4cu AT localnet.com

Captain of the Archers: Vacant

Envoy Plenipotent to Risley: Stephanie (Contino)

Rattan Marshal: John the Pell (John Ankrum) no email

CUSCA-L List Minister: Orlando Alvarez (Michael Hojnowski) mqh1 AT cornell.edu

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Catalina Alvarez (Jules Hojnowski)

Minister of Lists: Tristán del Alcaćar (Tristan Zukoski)/Calen (Pennington)

To subscribe to CUSCA-L mailing list, send an email to listproc@cornell.edu. Leave the subject blank. In the message body, enter: "subscribe cusca-l YOUR OWN NAME". For information, contact Chatelaine, Muireann Ni Muirchertaig (Petra Tremblay) emailmuireann_ni_m AT yahoo.com or email myrkies AT twcny.rr.com.