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Artist: Hiroshige I
Date: 1830's
Title: Biography of Yoshitsune Series: #2
Description: From a very rare Hiroshige set of ten full size yoko-e scenes from the life of Yoshitsune. This example shows a moonlight visit by the King of the Tengus, with his army on the right, to arrange lessons in combat for Yoshitsune.

Artist: Kuniyoshi
Date: 1827-1830
Title: The One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the Popular Suikoden: #46
Description: From the series which made Kuniyoshi famous. Mochakuten Tosen preparing to strike with his sword. This is part of a triptych depicting the fight between Orin and Rinchu.

Artist: Kuniyoshi
Date: 1830
Title: Eight Hundred Heroes of Our Country's Suikoden: # 6
Description: I no Hayata Hironao seizing the monster nuye as it falls to the ground amid clouds and lightning. One of the great designs from this series.

Artist: Hasui
Date: 1935
Title: Miyajima Shrine in Snow
Description: The famous Miyajima Shrine. This print was commissioned by Pacific Transport Lines, Inc for use in a calendar. Despite a large print run (approximately 10,000), this image is rarely seen.

Artist: Yoshitoshi
Date: 1890
Title: New Forms of the 36 Ghosts: #32
Description: Minamoto no Yorimitsu about to defend himself against the spectre of the Earth Spider. One of the best plates from the set.

Artist: Yoshiiku
Date: 1864
Title: Contemporary Style Genji: #52
Description: Ushiwakamaru (childhood name of Minamoto Yoshitsune) learning swordplay from the tengu.

Artist: Yoshiiku
Date: 1864
Title: Contemporary Style Genji: #40
Description: Mongaku Shonin doing penance under the Nachi waterfall for the accidental murder of the woman he loved. Seitaka and Kongara (the attendants of Fudo Myoo) are seen above.

Artist: Kunichika
Date: 1883
Description: Actors under a waterfall

Artist: ???
Date: ???
Description: Persian miniature painting of a man on a horse being attacked by a dragon.

Artist: Shigemasa (attrib.)
Date: c1790's
Description: The Seven Gods of Good Luck aboard their ship, the Takarabune. A Long-tailed Turtle (a symbol of Longevity) swimming at the prow of the boat.

Artist: Shigemasa
Date: 1770's
Description: Daikoku, asleep on a rice bale, dreaming of a Rat dressed as a Buddhist priest chasing a huge cat from the house.

Artist: ???
Date: 1870-1890??
Description: Series depicting the story of the 47 Ronin. Contact me if you have any further info on this series!