NETWORKING PRINCIPLES was founded by Miles McCredie in 1999 to provide professional data networking services. Miles has experience with a wide-range of networking technologies, including Citrix thin client (CCA), Microsoft Windows NT (MCSE+I), Novell Netware (CNE), protocol analysis (CNX), routers and switches (CCIE, NNCSS). With Miles' expertise NETWORKING PRINCIPLES provides design, implementation, training and troubleshooting services for data and multiservice networking infrastructure. NETWORKING PRINCIPLES focus is on network infrastructure rather than system administration though we maintain familiarity with and certification for several server operating systems (Windows NT and Netware in 1999 with Linux and Windows 2000 certification planned for 2000).

NETWORKING PRINCIPLES design services include needs analysis, existing network baselining/documentation, addressing/naming design, bid review and prototyping for design verification.

NETWORKING PRINCIPLES implementation services include project management, network design verification, network implementation verification and device configuration.

NETWORKING PRINCIPLES training services focus on custom on-site training primarily in the areas of data network design, Cisco router/switch configuration and maintenance, and protocol analysis with Network Associates Sniffer.

NETWORKING PRINCIPLES troubleshooting services focus on identifying and suggesting corrective measures for performance and functionality faults at the network layer.

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