Tada Sensei:

The spirit of martial arts in the present age, and its use

Aikido Journal - Interview with Hiroshi Tada

Recollections of the 2005 Italian Aikido summer camp and of the 2006 seminar. If we trained together in La Spezia, send me (markr@lightlink.com) an email saying hi.



Yoshioka-sensei's Aikido Notebook

Aikido Center - Shiohira Sensei's Aikido Philosophy

Endo Shihan Talks(also: Endo Sensei interview 2005)

Chiba Sensei: Structure of Shu, Ha, Ri, and Penetration of Shoshin

Ellis Amdur articles: Hidden in Plain Sight; Peaches: Part I, II, and III.

Nakamura Tempuís Five Principles for a Positive Mind:

1.      Examine the self.

2.      Analyze suggestions received from your environment.

3.      Examine your attitude towards others.

4.      Discover the present, and let worrying about the past or future fall away.

5.      Experience the universal mind.


Finally, when in doubt:

-          Arrive in a clean keiko-gi.

-          Arrive in a clean body!

-          Cut your fingernails and toenails.

-          Pay your dues promptly.

-          Wear something on your feet from the changing area to the training area.

-          To various degrees, everyone is a representative of their dojo Ė so be careful of what you do and of what you say, lest you cause your sensei and sempai to receive some of the blame for your stupidity.

-          Clean around the dojo without being asked.

-          Donít allow yourself to make sounds of complaint.

-          Arrive on time. Being late is not fashionable - it is disrespectful. Habitually late is habitually disrespectful.

-          Shut up and train.